We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

 Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google Updates the “About This Result” Panel With More Info 

Google is expanding the ‘About This Result’ panel to include information about the factors that contributed to a page’s ranking in search results. Beginning today, when viewing an About This Result panel, searchers will see even more information about the results they’re seeing to help them decide which one is most useful. 

Bing Explains How to Improve the User Experience by Analyzing Rage Click Events

Bing provides free web analytics, including a heatmap that shows you where site visitors clicked and tapped. The reports can be filtered by a device to understand a problem in the context of desktop or mobile site visitors. A rage click occurs when a site visitor repeatedly taps a web page element. 

Google Rolls Out a New Way for Site Owners to Optimize Videos

When videos are published on a creator’s own website rather than YouTube, Google has a new way to optimize them for search results. Publishers can now markup their videos for the ‘key moments’ rich snippet, which allows searchers to navigate directly to specific video segments. 

Google Shares New Insights For Site Owners Into Appearing in Google News

Google provides five insights that can help site owners better understand how news appears on Google News and Google Search. Google provides answers to the following frequently asked questions about news content: Where does news appear on Google? Is my site eligible to appear in these places? How do I know if my site is appearing? Is there anything I can do to improve my visibility? I’m following Google’s advice. Why is my site still not appearing? 

Google Announces That It Has Remove Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion Value Strategies

Google announced on Thursday that the Maximize conversions and Maximize conversion value bid strategies for search campaigns will no longer be available to advertisers. According to an announcement made by the company in April, Maximize conversions will continue to be available with an optional target CPA and Maximize conversion value with an optional target ROAS. 

Google Stop Displaying the AMP Label for AMP Pages

Google has removed the AMP label from AMP pages that appear in Google mobile search results. For example, the pages on this site are currently AMP-enabled, but the gray AMP label no longer appears when you find articles from this site in Google’s mobile search results. 

Google Testing Local Pack With Map Placed On Right Side

Google appears to be experimenting with showing the map on the right side of the local pack. Normally, the map appears at the top of the page, above the local pack listings. However, Google is displaying it on the right side of the local listings in this test. 

Google Illustrates Causes For Several Organic Traffic Drops

Daniel Waisberg of Google performed this outstanding post and illustration, which he refers to as sketches, of how Google would categorize the types or causes of organic traffic drops. Technical issues on the site level, technical issues on the page level, manual actions, algorithmic changes, seasonality, and simple reporting bugs are among the categories.

Google Maps is Introducing New Detailed Restaurant Reviews 

Google Maps launches a bunch of new map features for Google Maps, one of which allows users/searchers to leave more detailed reviews for the restaurants they visit. Google has been testing more detailed reviews for a while now, but it is now officially available for restaurants. 

Google Confirms That Core Updates Can Trigger PAAs Results

Google’s John Mueller was asked if a core update could make people also ask (PAA) results appear more or less frequently. According to John, it can, just as it can with rich results and featured snippets. Google has now confirmed what many have suspected: core updates can cause PAAs to appear more frequently or less frequently.

Google Add New Filter Options to the Google Search Console Performance Report

Google has expanded the number of filter options available in the Google Search Console performance report. This falls under the “search appearance” filters, which include over a dozen different search result types or features. In Google Search, you can now see “Math Solvers,” a newish rich result that helps people solve math problems. 

Google Announces a New Feature To Quickly Delete the Last 15 Minutes of Search History

Google has introduced a new feature that quickly lets you delete the last 15 minutes of your search history. So, if you do something in search that you don’t want others to see if they happen to stumble across your search history, you can quickly delete the last 15 minutes of search history. 

PPC Related Updates And News 

Google Rolls Out Free Deals Listings in Search Results

Google launches a new way for ecommerce stores to list deals in search results, which is free for all merchants. According to the company, people are looking for ways to save money even more than usual, with searches for “discount code” increasing by 50% since last year. 

Google Launches New Sections in its Search Results to Showcase Deals

Google is launching new sections in its search results to highlight deals, rolling out tools to highlight promotions, and expanding reporting capabilities in Google Merchant Center as retailers prepare for the holiday shopping season, the company announced on Wednesday. 

Social Media Updates And News

 US Shopify Merchants from August Can Use Facebook Pay

Beginning in August, Facebook Pay will be available as a checkout option for all Shopify sites in the United States. Customers who select Facebook Pay as a checkout option can log in using their Facebook credentials, and payment forms will be pre-populated with information from their account. This low-friction, mobile-friendly checkout experience can assist businesses in increasing conversion rates.

YouTube Announces 3 Updates For Live Streams

YouTube’s live stream updates include Polls, Subscribers-only chat, and Expansion of Clips feature. These updates expand the availability of an existing feature while introducing two new features to YouTube live streams. The new tools will make it easier for creators to interact with their live audience and keep them engaged throughout a stream.

LinkedIn Is Providing Free Marketing Certification Program

LinkedIn is now offering a free marketing certification program through which anyone can become an accredited LinkedIn marketing expert. This program is designed for professionals who want to demonstrate that they have experience with social media marketing and specialized knowledge in LinkedIn.


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