We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google Reveals a Broad Core Algorithm Update on June 2, 2021 

Google’s search liaison Danny Sullivan announced that we should expect a July 2021 Core Update next month. Google said that some of the company’s planned improvements for the June 2021 update are just not fully ready to be released this month. So Google decided to move ahead with the ready parts today, and the rest will be pushed out next month in the July 2021 core update.  

Google Updates The New Regular Expression (Regex) Filter in the Search Console Performance Report

The New Regular Expression (Regex) filter was introduced to Search Console back in April. Google has been listening to user feedback, including many requests to complete the picture by adding a negative match option to the filter. Site owners can discover the option through a secondary dropdown, which appears after picking the “Custom (regex)” option in the filter selector. 

New Cumulative Layout Shift Metric is Live in Google Search Console

On June 1, Google said, “The CLS metrics have been updated to reflect a more accurate representation of layout shifts on the page. You might see changes in your page CLS statuses (mostly positive) reflecting this change.” Jeffery Jose said on Twitter, “June 1 changes are reflecting the updated CLS definition as described in the https://web.dev/evolving-cls/ post. 

PPC Related Updates And News

Microsoft’s Previously Announced Features Are Scheduled to Roll Out in June 

Microsoft allows advertisers to import their Google Merchant Center (GMC) store along with their Shopping Campaigns. During the import process, advertisers will have the opportunity to log into their Google Merchant Center account to import that account, as well. 

Google Ads Announces New Policy for Cryptocurrency Ads  

Google has announced an update to its financial products and services policy, including its policy on cryptocurrency ads. The new rules and regulation will take effect in August, and all prior crypto exchange certifications will be revoked. Advertisers need to request new cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets certification with Google. 

Social Media Updates And News

YouTube Is Rolling Out Five Updates

These updates will give creators access to more data on how users engage with their channel’s content. The updates include more data about channel memberships, more data on mobile (which was previously exclusive to desktop), clearer information about video performance, insight into revenue changes and engagement metrics for YouTube posts. 

Twitter Launches Its First-Ever Set of Paid Features

Twitter is launching its first-ever set of paid features as part of a premium subscription service known as Twitter Blue. Users who sign up for Twitter Blue will get access to some features and perks. Twitter is also planning to add more categories to the eligibility list later this year, such as scientists, academics, and religious leaders.  


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