We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

 Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google Announces a New Spam Algorithm Update

Google has announced that they are rolling out a new spam algorithm update. This is the latest in Google’s efforts to fight against spammers who have been finding loopholes and using them to benefit themselves. In addition, Google’s annual spam-fighting report indicates that hacked spam is rampant. Google added links to existing documents where it talks about its spam prevention and web admin guidelines. 

Update on Google Search Console Insights 

Google will be releasing Search Console Insights, a new feature to help marketers analyze their Google search performance. With Google Insights, you can search for what people are searching on your website and see which content is outperforming. This way, you know where to put your focus to get more traffic. 

FAQ Rich Results Limited to 2 FAQs Per Page Rolling Out

Google has decided to limit the number of FAQs that show up on a page. The change is meant to make it easier for people looking for specific answers and are not flooded by the content they don’t need. However, this may impact your business as Google drives more traffic from SERPs. 

Google Has Delayed Plans to Block Third-Party Cookies 

While there’s considerable progress with this initiative, it’s become clear that more time is needed across the ecosystem to get this right,” said Vinay Goel, Privacy Engineering Director with Chrome. Google makes sure that it is always conforming with the law by allowing people to make suggestions on how best they can solve these problems while also considering what would work well for them from an operational standpoint. 

Google Expands GMB Profile Editing Capabilities in Google Search and Maps

Google has announced that they will be expanding the GMB profile editing capabilities in Google Search and Maps to provide a more streamlined process for business owners. They can now add their local service offerings to their GMB profiles directly from Search. 

PageSpeed Insights and the API Have Been Updated to Now Show More Field Data

Google announced that it will now publish all available data on PageSpeed Insights even if some fields are missing. This could help businesses better understand how to improve their site’s performance in various areas, from navigation and content rendering speeds to page load time speed. 

PPC Related Updates And News

Google Announces the Launch of a New Tool Called “Ads Creative Studio”

Google has released a new set of tools, Ads Creative Studio, that will help creative advertising professionals access and utilize many different types of design elements. This will incorporate the following tools, Director Mix, Dynamic Display & HTML5 creation tools, Audio Mixer and Dynamic Audio tools, and a Project Library. 

Google May Suspend Merchant Sites That Display Invalid Product Availability

Google’s merchant center account can receive a warning or a suspension when “one or more of your products show as unavailable for purchase at checkout even though they’re displayed as being in stock on your landing pages.” In addition, Google said, “it’s a bad customer experience if product availability changes from “in stock” on the landing page to “out of stock” or “unavailable” after the product has been added to a cart, and customers will be less likely to try and purchase from your store in the future.” 

Social Media Updates And News

Facebook Launches Some New Ecommerce Features

Facebook announces the release of four new features to its e-commerce platform. The company says that it is now easier than ever before to get your products in front of an audience on Facebook. According to a company report, 74% of people use Facebook platforms to discover brands or products online. 

YouTube Launches New Tools and Resources for Small Business Owners

It’s no secret that YouTube is one of the most popular destinations for online video, but it has launched a new set of tools and resources for small business owners. As per reports, 79% of small businesses with a YouTube channel agree that publishing videos help with getting found by customers. 

Facebook Launches Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts

Facebook announced live audio rooms feature that lets Facebook users discuss topics of interest in real-time with people who have the same interests as them. They also unveiled their newest endeavor- podcasting. Both services will only be available in the United States at this time but may expand internationally soon.


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