We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Rich Results May be Affected by 500 Responses on Robots.Txt Fetch 

John Muller from Google received a fault in how search console certifies rich results. Because of a mistake in how a CDN that hosts the images processes a request for a non-existent robots.txt, Google will remove images from rich results. The flaw was detected in how the search console and Google’s rich results test failed to notify the publisher of the error and, as a result, failed to validate the structured data. 

Does Google Treat Internal Links in the Header and Footer Differently?

Google’s John Mueller recently replied to a question on whether Google uses internal links in the footer or header differently. He also explained why the main content of a website is treated differently by Google, as well as how Google treats internal connections inside a web page. 

Google to Test a New Feature in the Local Listing

Google appears to be experimenting with a feature in a local listing for a venue that indicates which lists, if any, lists the facility is on. Frequently, you will notice websites with lists of themes such as “the ten finest places to take your husband in a given location” and similar topics. Those may now appear in the local panel under the heading “on these lists.” 

Google to Offer Carousel in the Search Result Snippets 

As part of the overall snippet, Google Search includes a carousel, which may or may not be new. The carousel appears underneath the main snippet and site links (if they are present) and displays a scrollable carousel of offer sections.

Google to Now Include Business Profiles Manager Controls in Web Search

Google continues to migrate more business editing features and controls to web search results and outside from the Google Business Profile Manager. You can now manage the managers and users who have the right to modify your company’s profile in web search results.

Google Return With an Old Feature But With a Different Name This Time!

Google began to roll out a local search feature a few years ago, allowing users to search photos of nearby locations. Google appears to be calling this “find places through photos” now. We are yet not sure if this is in addition to the original version or if it’s simply renaming the previous version of this feature. Khushal Bherwani noticed this and shared screenshots on Twitter.

Google Analytics 4 Won’t Improve Your Search Rankings

When Google wants to encourage website owners to take action, they may give us a ranking boost for doing so. They did add lightweight weight ranking boosts for mobile friendly design, page experience, and many more. However, when it comes to encouraging people to switch to Google Analytics 4, Google’s John Mueller stated that there would be no ranking boost. He was asked this, and his response on Twitter was, “that’s not going to happen.”

Social Media Updates And News

Linkedin Releases a New Tool That Will Help Find Top Skills Needed For any Job Role

LinkedIn has released a new tool that allows you to uncover the top skills employers are looking for in candidates for practically any employment opportunity. Furthermore, if you require a talent you do not possess, the programme will direct you to resources to acquire the expertise. LinkedIn’s “Future of Skills” statistics tool will show how job requirements have evolved from 2015 to 2021. 


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