We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Celebrate the Festival of Colours Virtually 

In the view of COVID-19, Google Arts & Culture partner with Incredible India, the Ministry of Tourism and 15 cultural institutions globally to create Holi at Home, a virtual destination for everyone to explore and experience. Google also launches multiplayer Holi-themed jigsaw puzzles that you can piece together with family and friends virtually. 

Google Supports New Type of Schema Markup for Education Sites

Google says practice problems and math assistance are the most requested content types from students since school was closed due to the global pandemic. Websites that provide content like practice problems and math solver pages can use structured data to become eligible for the new rich results. 

Google Shares Best Practices for Technical SEO for Ecommerce Sites  

In the latest lightning talk’s video, Google shares technical SEO best practices for e-commerce sites. It guides SEOs and e-commerce site owners on best practices for providing the search engine with relevant information about products. Additional data that Google shows for product pages include ratings, pricing, and stock levels.  

Google and Wix Integrate with GMB 

Wix and Google have expanded partnership that integrates Google My Business (GMB) directly within Wix. Now, Businesses can access GMB data, customer interactions and manage their profile from Wix. Also, Wix provides marketing tools that help small businesses succeed. This allows businesses to focus on doing what they do best. 

Trillions of Site Visits Uncover Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Insights 

Perficient research visitor’s statistics of trillions of web page visits throughout the United States and globally, broken down by industry and year. They exposed shifts in consumer conduct and sudden positive aspects in guests the usage of desktop units.  

Microsoft Proposes Method to Submit URLs from WordPress to Search Engines  

The Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Bing submits a proposal to build into the core of WordPress the ability for WordPress to push new and updated URLs directly to search engines. You can access this feature request at the WordPress ticket site, where the Program Manager writes, “Today, we propose integrating in WordPress Core the ability to notify not only Bing, but also all participating Search Engines, of any WordPress URL or Content change.”

Google Combines Practice Problems, Math Solver Structured Data and Search Console Reports 

Earlier this year, Google was testing displaying practice homework problems in the search results. This feature is live in Google Search and comes up with new structured data and Search Console reporting to help educational websites understand which pages have these types of content. Google explains it as an “interactive feature tests your knowledge of high school math, chemistry and physics topics directly on Search.” 

In 2020, Zero-click Google Searches Rose to 65% 

According to a SimilarWeb study, from January to December 2020, nearly 65% of Google searches ended without a click to another web property — up from 50% in June 2019. On desktop, 46.5% of searches were found zero-click, compared to 77.2% on mobile devices. 

PPC Related Updates And News

 Google Has Launch Property Promotion Ads for Hotels Globally

 Property promotion ads will help hotels capture demand in users looking for places to stay online. The Peter Fernandez, Product Manager, writes, “They show prominently in search results for geographical locations, allowing advertisers to position-specific hotels in a particular place. Previous to this launch, direct participation in property promotion ads was done through a whitelist.” 

Social Media Updates And News

Instagram Will Soon Allow Users Draft Stories to Save for Later 

Instagram announces that its users will soon create stories and save them as drafts to publish later. According to Instagram own data, 500 million accounts using stories every day. An influencer marketing report from MediaKix finds Instagram stories are the second most effective content type – behind regular Instagram posts. 

Pinterest Search Trends Show Interest in Travel is Greater Than Ever  

According to Pinterest’s latest report on search trends show that people are more interested in travel more than before pandemic. People are searching for travel-related topics more now than at any point in the website’s history. The increase in travel searches comes from eight types of travelers: Rural tourists, Outdoor enthusiasts, Digital nomads, Bucket listers, Culture chasers, Foodies, Memory makers and Weekend travelers. 

Facebook Rolls Out More Ways to Make Money with Video Content

Facebook launches three updates that aim at helping creators of video content to make more money. The latest changes to Facebook’s video monetization options include earning revenue from short-form video, expanding eligibility to more content creators and making it easier for creators to earn money from viewer contributions.


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