We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google Updates Google My Business “Available Performance Metrics”

Google has launched new performance reports within the Google My Business Insights section. In the business performance report, you can check specific profile interactions such as searches, calls, messages, total interaction and “users who viewed your profile”, which was not available in the old version. 

Google My Business Upgrades New Performance Report

Google has upgraded the help document to add a section for the “users who viewed your profile” section. The new section will tell you the number of unique visitors to your profile. Users can be counted only a limited number of times if they visit your Business Profile on several devices and platforms such as desktop or mobile and Google Maps or Google Search.  

Microsoft Announces Various Updates to Microsoft Bing Search

Microsoft made this update that goes across many different search features, including recipe results, image search’s similar looking items, expandable search result carousels, infographic knowledge panels, and the local answer’s design. Now, whenever you search in Microsoft Bing for the local answer, you will receive more information from Bing Maps, top images, visitor reviews, and more. 

Semrush for the First Time Publicly Sell Shares on New York Stock Exchange

 Semrush announced on Monday an initial public offering (IPO) of company stock, which will see the SEO software company selling shares on the New York Stock Exchange. The number of shares to be offered and the proposed offering’s price range have not yet disclosed. 

Google Search Console’s New Crawl Stats Report

 Search Advocate Daniel Wasiberg from Google breaks down Search Console’s new crawl stats report in a new training video. This new video breaks down each section of the crawl stats report and explains the data can be used to determine how well Googlebot can crawl a specific website.

Google Announces PageSpeed Insights Updates 

PageSpeed Insights is a Google tool that gives reports on a website speed performance. The tool offers a user both mobile and desktop page speed reports with actionable insights about different discovered problems. Google announced a crucial change in how PageSpeed Insights tools collect information.  

Microsoft Bing Launches 5 Upgrades to Search Results

Microsoft Bing is launching five updates to look that aim to evolve SERPs beyond a list of links to offer customers richer expertise. Bing’s upgraded search features include Intuitive highlighting of content, Integrated visual search, Expandable carousels, Infographic-like SERPs and Richer results for local queries. Bing’s have one thing in common in the latest updates; all combine visually rich imagery with text-based information in a single view. 

PPC Related Updates And News

Custom and Performance Insights Notifications Added to the Google Ads Mobile App

Google announced this update yesterday, March 4 2021. These updates to the Google Ads mobile app help to automate campaign management by giving advertisers customizable notifications and alerting them when performance strays from the norm. This feature is useful for SMBs, where a small team of individuals may be responsible for multiple marketing channels.  

Google Ads Announces Partner Program Updates

On February 23, Google Ads announced that its Google Partners program had received the long-awaited structural and badge standard updates. Partners need to maintain a minimum optimization score of 70% on their account to retain their badges but can now apply or reject recommendations at their discretion without penalty.  

Google Organizing Product Information for Shoppers

Google relies on accurate product data to precisely find products that are available for buyers. Google recommends offering clear product identification, as this helps Google identify the right match offers to products and match products to relevant search queries. You can also improve Google’s understanding of products by using unique product identifiers like, Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs), Global Trade Item Number (GTIN™) and brand names.  

Social Media Updates And News

Instagram Allowing 4 People to Go Live in One Stream

Instagram began allowing up to four people to live stream together in virtual “rooms,” doubling the number of participants that were allowed previously. Now users can invite three more members to join their live broadcast, creating more opportunities for different content types. In the coming months, more interactive tools will be available to live room hosts. 


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