We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google Warns of Manual Actions for User Generated Content (UGC) Spam

Google published a blog post on how to avoid spamming and risking punishment. They warned that pages that tolerated UGC spam risked receiving a manual action penalty. Google recommends using Google Alerts to get warnings when spammy content is being created on your site. 

Google Removing Generic Rich Results Search Appearance From Search Console Performance Reports 

Google said it is removing the generic rich results filer in the search appearance section within Search Console’s performance report. This indicates you will no longer be able to see how your rich results are performing in an aggregate. The reason for removing this filter is that it has breakout filters and reports for most individual rich results, such as event rich results, how to rich results and many others, so this is not a real loss in reporting. 

Google Adds New Data to Search Console

According to Google, one of the most requested kinds of information from students is exercise content and math support. Search Console new report can help website owners monitor and debug markup problems related to practice problems and math solvers. In addition, data in this type of reports allow website owners to understand what Google can or cannot read on a page. 

Google’s Page Experience Update Will Launch in Mid-June In Mobile Search

Google says the Page Experience update will start a gradual launch in mid-June, with a full rollout expected by August 2021. Google’s Splitt says, “At the beginning, we will definitely roll out for mobile-first, and then eventually desktop will join the mix as well.” 

Google Published More Details On How The Company Tackled Webspam In 2020

Google said it sent out fewer manual webspam actions than previous years, 2.9 million in 2020, due to its algorithms tackling the spam automatically. Google said it “sent over 140 million messages to site owners in Search Console, an increase from the previous year.” 

PPC Related Updates And News

Microsoft Declares Unified Campaign Pilot Including Google, Instagram & More

Microsoft advertising announced the pilot program for a single streamlined place to handle all of a business’s advertising campaigns. Interested parties can finish the online questionnaire to receive early access. Advertisers can now launch campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google.

Google Ads Announces Travel Product Updates, Hotel Booking Extensions to Start Rolling Out 

Google announced three new travel products and updates in Google marketing live to help partners capture this rise in demand. Google searches for “beach rentals” and “staycation” increased by over 100% globally compared to last year. Google also introduced hotel booking extensions, which automatically surface Hotel Ads feed data within search text ads extensions. 

Google Announces New Local Ad-Based Features in Google Marketing Live Stream Event  

 Google launched a new ad format for local ads known as Auto Suggest ads. This will show ads based on the searcher location. When a searcher is nearby and looks for a related product or service in Google Maps, the ad will help to auto-suggest the advertiser’s nearby location to that searcher. 

 Google is Rolling Out Its Integrations With E-Commerce Platforms

 Google is launching integrations with more e-commerce platforms to allow retailers to display their products for free across Google, the company announced yesterday. It is also testing a new checkout experience that shows shoppers all the buying options offered by a merchant in one place.

Social Media Updates And News

LinkedIn Introduces Event Ads and “Boosted” Organic Posts 

Brands can now expand their post’s reach directly from their LinkedIn page. This feature called “Boost” creates a campaign in an ad account associated with your page. In order to boost a post, just click on the Boost button above the post you’d like to promote. Next, you’ll pick an objective for your post. 

Users Can Hide Their Like Counts On Facebook & Instagram

Facebook said hiding the number of counts allows users to focus on consuming and sharing the post and not get preoccupied with the number of likes received. Users will find two options when it comes to hiding their like counts. They can opt to hide likes on new post during the publishing process or hide likes on all posts published by their account.


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