We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google Announces the Introduction of New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools

Google came up with the announcement of introducing a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool for spam fighting. The AI can block 99% of spam. There are multiple forms for spam that Google fights at different points in which Google interacts with the web pages. Google describes as providing an “unprecedented potential to revolutionize” the spam-fighting with artificial intelligence.  

Microsoft Bing Announces The Content Submission API

The Bing Webmaster team says now, in addition to the URL submission API, it now provides publishers and site owners “the ability to notify Bing directly about URL along with content changes via Bing Content Submission API.” Bing also says it not only helps you get your content and pages into Microsoft Bing Search faster but “will reduce BingBot crawl load on your sites.”

Google Is Adding Links to Featured Snippets

Google is now testing a new feature by adding links to featured snippets. This feature was spotted by an SEO expert, “Ramesh Singh,” and posted on Twitter. Moreover, these new links send searchers to a new set of search results on google. In previous, google started testing links in featured snippets to third-parties website.

PPC Related Updates And News

The Google AdWords API Will Shut Down In A Year

Google is giving 362 days to switch over from the old Google AdWords API to the newer Google Ads API. The Google Ads API replaced the AdWords API when Google released it as a beta. Therefore, the AdWords API users need to upgrade the Google Ads API by April 27, 2022. 

Microsoft Announces Another Set of Feature Rollouts For Advertisers 

Microsoft Ads announce updates to phrase match, new ad formats in the SERP, customer match updates, and more. Following Google’s footsteps, Microsoft announces that phrase match will start to adopt the matching behaviors of a modified broad match. On April 6, Microsoft Ads also announced that a customer match would be coming soon.

Social Media Updates And News

New Messaging Features Rolling Out to Facebook and Instagram

The new features range from cosmetic enhancements like new themes that allow users to respond to messages with photos or videos. Facebook Messenger users can clean up their inbox without deleting chats and losing their history. Instagram users can now send visual replies to direct messages on iOS (coming to Android soon). 

YouTube Shares New Update For Video Creators

 YouTube introduces a little checkbox “Allow people to sample this content “in YouTube Studio. YouTube shorts allow users to sample original content from other YouTube videos that are automatically opted-in. For this update, YouTube didn’t send a formal notice that YouTube video creators are free to sample videos.

Twitter Opens Live Audio Chat Feature For Users With 600+ Followers

Twitter opens the doors of its live social audio-chat feature Spaces to accounts with more than 600 followers. Regardless of follower count, all users can now join Space as an audience by tapping on the purple bubble. They can participate via text chat and react with emojis. They can also send a request to join the conversation.


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