We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Google Talks about the Future Of SEO

Google’s Search Relations team gets together to talk about the future of SEO in a new episode of their podcast. The discussion quickly turns toward how things have changed over ten years and what will come next for search engine optimization, but don’t worry- they’re here! The company’s John Mueller, Gary Illyes, and Martin Splitt shared some insight into these changes while Anticipating What is next for SEO with their recent guest Eric Enge.

Google Drops Sites Hosted on Siteground

SiteGround has confirmed a serious issue that has resulted in Google stopping to crawl multiple sites hosted there since Monday. Publishers are panicking as web pages, and ecommerce store products drop out of the search engine. SiteGround hasn’t provided any information about what exactly could be the cause of this problem yet. They have only posted various updates saying that they are trying their best to solve the issue ASAP!

Google to Test Indexnow Soon!

Microsoft Bing’s new IndexNow protocol promises to make crawling and indexing more efficient. Google has remained silent about whether they will adopt it or not, but a company spokesperson recently issued a statement affirming that Google is currently testing out this novel idea for making its search engine faster.

Google Says that Websites need to be Worth it to Get Indexed

John Mueller from Google offered more information about that pesky “Discovered – but currently not indexed” statement in Google Search Console. He answered a series of tweets about what’s going on at google when they choose not to index a URL, including why it can happen and how you tell if Google has rejected your site without an error page showing up for everyone else who visits the link.

Googles Recent Spam Update

Google has a history of releasing updates around the holiday shopping season, and it would not be surprising if we see another one this year. The last few core Google updates released were in August or September. After twenty years of dealing with Google updates, one piece of advice remains the same: wait a little longer before panicking. Here are a few reasons why.

Reason why Some Sites Loose Rankings during Core Updates

John Mueller from Google answered a query in the SEO Office-hours hangout about recovering from core algorithm updates. He said that sites should rule out random spammy backlinks or technical issues because they might lose search visibility after an update. Then he late explained what a core algorithm is and where the affected sites should pay attention to help understand the changes required.

Social Media Updates And News

Youtube made Dislikes Vanish from all Uploaded Videos

YouTube has permanently changed the way they display public dislike counts on videos. The button will remain available for users to customize their recommendations, but now there is no data provided when it comes to dislikes or other negative feedback regarding content creators in general. This change will be put to action to reduce negative attacks on profiles or specific videos.

Twitter Blue to Launch in US and Newzealand

Twitter is rolling out more features for subscribers in order to maximize the user experience. The company has not made any changes to its subscription price, which remains at $3.49 CAD or 4.5 AUD per month. With these updates coming soon you’ll have even greater access when it comes time to sign up so make sure not to miss out!


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