We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google’s John Mueller Describes how Much Time Does it Take for Disavow File to Affect Rankings

Google’s John Mueller was asked about a bad outcome from using Google’s link disavow tool in a hangout discussion. They uploaded the file, and within days their ranking collapsed, but not before he revealed how long it takes for them to work this new content into algorithms!

Google confirms the Page Experience Algorithm update is coming to your desktop

Google is changing the way people search for information on their desktop computers. The Page Experience Algorithm update, which rolled out to mobile earlier this year, will soon be applied similarly with desktop web browsers. This also means that your website’s ranking could suffer because of these changes! Let us get to know more about the update by reading further.

Now declare Your Google Business Profile Straight to Search And Maps

Google has announced that they are simplifying and renaming their important local search tool, Google My Business. With the new name comes an all-new way for businesses to claim their profile which can now be done directly from Search or Maps! Here’s everything you need to know about how it works.

Google Declares New Version Of PageSpeed Insights

The version of PageSpeed Insights on the internet uses 10-year old code, and Google says it’s time for a redesign.

With an upcoming update rolling out this year, they hope to make interpreting insights easier so developers can act quickly when looking at them in order to do their work more efficiently.

Google launches a span update for November 2021

Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed that an update to their spam-fighting algorithm would be rolling out soon, and it should be fully rolled by this week.

The exact details of this particular update were not given, but they regularly roll out new updates in order to maintain quality search results for everyone who uses them. 

Google updates their Best Practices Page for Videos with new suggestions helping to maximize their exposure

Google is constantly updating its guidance to keep up with the ever-changing internet, and now they’ve added an extra step for your video content. Thanks in part to this new update, you can rank higher on Google search results pages by embedding it right into rich snippets or adding links provided by YouTube’s HTML5 player (which will help give priority when people click through).

Google improves Search Results For “Deals” Queries

Google is now showing a new set of search results when people look for deals.

Searches with words like “black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” will trigger an all-new feed that’s dedicated exclusively to discounted products on Google Shopping! This means you don’t have any more excuses not to shop since your items are just one tap away from being seen by millions across the globe.

Google’s LightHouse scores affect SEO?

Google Lighthouse is the top-recommended tool for measuring Core Web Vitals and other performance metrics. Google’s John Mueller responded to a similar question in r/SEO on Reddit this week, stating that SEOs should not solely rely on a single metric when it comes to ranking their websites because there are many variables at play, including page Speed Optimization, which he says has been proven effective by studies from organizations like PageSpeed analyzer updates.

Google discusses the most beneficial methods for optimizing Performance Max campaigns 

Performance Max campaigns are a fresh way for advertisers to purchase and optimize ads across YouTube, Display, Search, Discover. This campaign type was launched in beta last year to complement keyword-based Google Search engine optimization that lets you run PPC on all four of these channels at once! And now it’s been rolled out worldwide, so keep reading if you want to find out more about how this works or which ones will give your marketing efforts their best chance.

John Mueller Discusses the Importance of GMB for Local Search

Google’s John Mueller answered a query about the difference in SEO between an informational search query and one for local services. He notes that businesses have more work to do if they want their website ranked highly on Google, emphasizing GMB as essential information used by both humans AND robots when conducting queries (the latter of which is increasingly crucial!).

Social Media Updates And News

Facebook has decided to shut down the facial recognition feature.

Facebook has announced that it will be shutting down its use of facial recognition, including for services related to the visually impaired. The company cited general concerns by individuals about this type of technology and a lack of agreement on regulations as one reason why they chose not use any form or externally hosted system like those currently available from companies such as Apple and Google, which can recognize users’ faces without sending them directly into databases where their biometrics information could potentially get compromised.

Facebook launches a certificate program related to marketing Analytics

According to a recent survey, marketing analysts are projected to grow by 96 thousand job openings each year. Facebook recently launched their course Marketing Analytics Professional Certification in conjunction with Coursera, which teaches the skills necessary for success within this field and gives anyone interested, even without any prior experience, an opportunity to get ahead of other candidates.

New features added by LinkedIn to help organizations attract more talent 

LinkedIn is adding new features to the company pages that will help business owners communicate with potential employees. The most competitive hiring market on record means there are more opportunities than ever before, but it can be difficult for workers who need clarity about their next step forward in the job search process. LinkedIn’s newest updates make internal communication easier within companies as well as attract top talent and gain insight into competitors through improved reporting metrics such as employee engagement levels or leadership feedback surveys.


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