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Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Permanent URL Recommendations for Black Friday Pages by Google

Instead of creating the new URL’s for Black Friday pages every year, Google recommended making use of the permanent URL’S. The search engine giant also gave five additional recommendations with this. These recommendations came out in a set of best practices for cyber Monday and Black Friday pages. Google recommends recurring URLs as, by this, the websites get permitted to build link equity, which is the SEO value of a web link. The next advice is for retailers, which can prove to be beneficial for sales events online. 

Insights for B2B Marketers in Company Engagement Report by LinkedIn

LinkedIn company engagement report is all set to lend a hand to the B2B marketers in understanding whether they are reaching the right audience or not. In this report by LinkedIn, various metrics show the way by which engaged key audiences are with the business. The B2B marketers will be assisted by a variety of metrics in the report. According to LinkedIn, the new report they came up with will allow the B2B marketers to understand the way how organic content and ads are working with key audiences, to know if they are targeting the right audience or not, and to focus on the organizations who are in need of sales and marketing outreach. 

LinkedIn All Set to Help the Job Seekers with the Carrier Explorer Tool

LinkedIn has come up with a great opportunity for the people who are looking for new jobs in accordance with the talent and skillset they own. Billing engineer career explorer tool will assist the candidates to upgrade their skills with the learning opportunities online, to get connected with the industry professionals and look for great new opportunities. Along with this, the people will also be assisted with the insights to know what their right career path should be like. The carrier explorer tool will calculate the skills similarity to find out the best job match for the job seekers as there are more than 14 million job postings currently available on LinkedIn. 

The Holiday Shoppers Behavior Stats by Google

Google has now come up with 16 stats through a new document that includes details about the shift in the behavior of holiday shoppers lately. Irrespective of the pandemic going on, this holiday season is also of peak demand by the customers. With the help of this 27-page guide by Google, businesses can actually reach the most engaged buyers to earn higher profits. The stats show that most of the customers this year shopping online for clothes they need. This data shows that people are now more comfortable shopping online instead of visiting the store physically.

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Promotion Extensions Available for Microsoft Advertising Accounts for Holidays

Very similar to the Google apps promotion extensions, the Microsoft advertising promotion extensions are now available for holiday times. This also includes the ability to choose from the list of events like Cyber Monday, Christmas, Black Friday, etc. So the user can easily set promotion extensions on his own at the Campaign, add group level or account. All that is required to keep in mind is to include the details of the promotion on the landing page of the ad.


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