We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google Announces a Search Redesign Based on the MUM Algorithm

Google announced that MUM would be integrated into select Google Search results. Google’s search results page is changing, introducing new methods to discover and explore subjects for specific searches. This new method of searching expands on the existing method of looking for answers and introduces a more intuitive method of exploring subjects. In the coming months, Google will direct users down topic routes in a new search experience for selected searches that will be more visual.

Google Now Allows You to Validate Sources Directly in Search Results

Google Search updates will assist you in determining whether a website is a reliable source of information before clicking a link in search results. Google announced new ways to add context about the content people find on the web today at its annual SearchOn event. Furthermore, Google is introducing new information literacy tools based on expert research and best practices.

Google Issues an Ecommerce Best Practices Guide

Google’s developer resources now include a new section devoted to recommended practices for ecommerce websites. The new pages are intended for developers, but they are also valuable for any ecommerce site publisher that sells things online. The new guide’s purpose is to demonstrate how to make your products visible in Google Search and any of Google’s search products that expose products for shoppers.

Google Results get Larger Pictures, Improve the ‘About this Result,’ and Become More ‘Shoppable’ as a Result of this Change

For some search results pages, Google has introduced a new, more “visually browsable” layout. You can see them for some searches that include a keyword followed by the phrase “idea,” such as [painting ideas] or, in the example GIF below, [pour painting ideas]. According to Google, the new layout makes it “easier to visually browse to find what you are looking for.”

Google Now Includes Booking Links and Additional Information for Points of Interest

Google has stated that it would be releasing new booking links and information for points of interest. “In the months ahead, we’ll also begin showing information and booking links for experiences in a destination, like wine tasting in Paris or bike tours in California,” Google added. This is referred to as Things To Do on Google by Google.

Google Products Rich Results Search Console Report is More Specific Now

Google has announced that the rich results report for product structured data in Google Search Console now includes more granular levels of inaccuracy. “Search Console now provides more granularity in error reporting for Product structured data elements,” Google announced on September 29th. Because Google has changed the inaccuracies that may appear in this report, your goods rich result report may seem slightly different from historical data before September 29, 2021.

PPC Related Updates And News

 The New Google Ads Budget Report Keeps Track of Daily Campaign Spending

Google Ads is providing a new budget report to assist advertisers in better understand their daily and monthly spending habits. The ability to track how their campaign budget is spent daily is a current pain point for advertising. The new Google Ads report seeks to address this issue while also detailing how previous budget changes influenced campaign effectiveness.

Microsoft Advertising Releases Open Beta for Credit Card Ads

Microsoft Advertising has announced the launch of an open beta for a new ad unit known as credit card advertisements. Advertisers targeting the United States and Canada can use credit card ads. Credit card ad feeds provide information such as the card issuer, cash-back percentages, rewards, annual fees, and sign-up bonuses. Microsoft recommends adding as much data in the ads as possible, as more detail in the feeds can correlate to more detail in the ads.

For Conversion Actions, Google Ads Switches from Last Click to Data-Driven Attribution (DDA)

Google Ads is shifting away from last-click bidding, the company revealed on 27th September. According to Google, data-driven attribution (DDA) will soon be the default attribution mechanism for all new Google Ads conversion actions. Furthermore, Google reduces the data constraints and adds support for all conversion action types so that DDA can be used.

Social Media Updates And News

More Viewership Data is Added to YouTube’s Studio Mobile App

YouTube creators now have access to more data in the Studio Mobile app, including metrics such as “new and returning” and others. In addition, the business reveals a new currency setting in the Studio Mobile app, a bottom navigation bar in the Studio Mobile app, and an experimental feature that promotes valuable films.

Google is Now Working on Indexing Instagram and TikTok Videos

According to a new report, Google talks with Instagram and TikTok to index their content in search results. The Information has obtained early information about Google’s discussions with Facebook and ByteDance, the parent firms of Instagram and TikTok, respectively. According to The Information, “three people briefed on the discussions” are working on deals to gain Google the data it needs to index and rank videos.


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