We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google answers what to do when product pages are temporarily not available

Google’s John Mueller answered a question saying what to do with web pages for products that are temporarily out of stock. The person asking the question wanted to know how to balance concerns regarding SEO and users’ experiences when they may not like a page containing these types of listings, so Google gave their advice on whether or not this was something you should worry about at all!

Continuous Scroll SERPs and Google Search Console Impressions Report

John Mueller was asked an excellent question about how Google Search Console (GSC) reports impressions now that the first page of search results is shown with a continuous scroll format. He said it’s important to make sure you’re actually clicking on an ad when looking at mobile devices because if not, there will be no record for GSC, and advertisers won’t know what their ads looked like in terms of performance!

Priority Hints from Google Helps Improve CWV 

Google has recently announced that developers and publishers can use the new importance priority hint attribute in order to improve Core Web Vitals. This enhancement will make your site more optimized for users with slow connections, which means faster loading times on all fronts! For example, the Google Chrome team shared how using this Priority Hint HTML5 feature saved 1.9 seconds when downloading just one background image last year alone – talk about cutting down wait time dramatically!

Googles Search Algorithms Don’t Care about What is there is an Image!

Google’s web search algorithm does not care what is in an image, as long as it has correct structured data. Whether you’re using a blank square or an award-winning photograph for SEO value purposes – all images have equal importance to Google’s ranking processes and will be taken into account during the rank calculation process. This was discussed on October 22nd during a Search Central hangout with John Mueller from Google, where Andrew Sychev joined Q&A session asking him about lazy loading of images found on websites which can take some load off your page load time by delaying their display until scrolled onto the screen (and therefore not blocking important content).

Do you think the length of the URL affects your SEO?

This SEO myth does not seem to leave us away anytime soon! This new post helps you clear all your doubts here and now. John Muller, in his interview, responded to this question. His response explains that while there may be one situation where this could help your site rank higher for specific queries (such as auction sites), they’re not different between various lengths – unless you want people searching on mobile devices which need concise links only.

Social Media Updates And News

Now Everyone can Share Links to their Instagram Story

Instagram has recently opened up sharing links in stories for all users, a feature that was previously reserved for verified and high-follower accounts. This is the first time anyone can share link content on Instagram – it’s available everywhere!

Did Facebook really Change its Name?

This week, Facebook announced a new direction for their company. They have officially changed the name from what it used to be -from “Facebook”-to “Meta”! CEO Mark Zuckerberg made this big announcement today in order to fulfill his vision of connecting people everywhere with artificial intelligence and technology.


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