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Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Microsoft Launches Clarity-Free Website Analytics

Microsoft has announced the launch of a free GDPR compliant user behavior analytics tool. This analytics tools assists publishers to understand how site vendors utilize a site and identify areas of improvement, including reporting on the ‘’rage click’’ metric. Microsoft Clarity is a free analytics tool which offers insights about how users interact with a site. Engagement metrics, website performance data and debugging information offer an idea about how to enhance web pages.

Now LinkedIn Users Can Easily Find Virtual Events On Its Platform

LinkedIn is releasing new discovery features for virtual events which are designed to enhance attendance by making these easier to find. Moreover, event organizers will be able to capture leads from event sign-ups. This is excellent news for marketers since virtual events have been highly successful after they were added to LinkedIn in May. The organization has reported over 200,000 events have been hosted on LinkedIn, with a total of 10 million attendees.

Google Will Now Highlight Best Shopping Deals In Search Results

Google is highlighting the top shopping deals in search results to enhance visibility for retailers and at the same time, ensures that shoppers get the best prices. In a series of recent updates, Google is making it simpler and faster to apply for product promotions, draw new customers and uncover meaningful insights. Yes, all these updates are applicable for free shopping listings which Google started offering earlier this year.

WhatsApp Launches Shopping And Payment Tools For Businesses

Facebook and WhatsApp have announced that they are increasing their investment in shopping with WhatsApp. Facebook has also heard the feedback and started to offer more expanded tools to help companies sell more online via WhatsApp. Facebook’s main aim is to help companies easily chat and close sales on WhatsApp. This includes a way for browsing products, choose products and pay for products while communicating with a business. Earlier, Facebook had announced a dedicated shopping tab on Instagram and Facebook, including in-app purchases. This feature has now been extended on WhatsApp. 

Google Suggests That E-Commerce Sites Should Utilize Request Indexing Tool Before Black Friday

On Monday, Google shared a list of SEO tips for e-commerce based websites to be ready for the upcoming Black Friday sales day. One of these tips to utilize the request indexing tool. However, the tool has been suspended temporarily, and there is no confirmation about when it will come back. Experts hope that it will return soon since e-commerce sites are preparing their sites for the big day.

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Pinterest Releases 5 New Updates For Merchants

Pinterest is releasing five new updates for helping merchants to setup storefronts, sales generation, and results in measurement. Holiday shopping began well at the start of the year, with searches such as ‘’Christmas gift ideas’’ rising in April. In the months to come, the number of Pinterest users engaging with shopping surfaces has increased by 85%. But shopping and buying are not the same. Pinterest wants to assist merchants in guiding users to take the next step.

Now Instagram Increases Live Stream Limit To 4 Hours

Instagram users can do live streaming up to four times longer than before after some necessary extensions were done to live stream limits. Instagram is also making live streams more discoverable and keeping these available for viewing over a more significant period once they are concluded. An update which once rolled out to all Instagram users enables them to go live in a single stream for hour hours. Earlier, the time limit for Instagram live streams was one hour, following which the stream was cut off instantly.

Tripadvisor Releases New Listings, Reputation And Data Products For Assisting Hotels And Restaurants To Get Insights And Boost Visibility

COVID-19 has adversely affected two major audiences of Tripadvisor-customer audience and hotels & restaurants which witnessed double-digit revenue decline in comparison in 2019. The company have been trying to assist both groups with new products and services to meet perceived needs and generate new subscription revenue. The first offering is a restaurant menu-content syndication known as Menu Connect. It utilizes SinglePlatform, which was acquired by Tripadvisor in December 2019 from Endurance International Group and is now globally available to over five million restaurants on Tripadvisor.

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Now Google Ads Report Editor Has A New Look

Google Ads has released a new look for Report Editor(situated below Reports in the UI). This new layout was first seen by experts while setting up Custom reports in some accounts a couple of weeks ago. After this new update, Reports Editor has been set up like Data Studio with dimension and metrics panel on the right side. There are also more visualization features such as conditional formatting and also the ability to filter and sort data with dropdowns located next to each field. The set of pre-defined reports have been retained.

Google Ads Real Time Alerts Has Now Been Activated Alongwith Other Features

Google Ads has included some new features recently, including real-time alerts, made enhancements to draft campaigns and easier access for creating new campaigns and view disapprovals. The most exciting new feature is real-time alerts. Users can now configure for receiving real-time alerts from Google Ads. Google stated that “if your campaign has any critical issues, you’ll now receive an alert while setting it up. These are issues that could prevent your campaign from serving or running at its full potential, such as an invalid URL or location overlap.” So if there is some conflict or issue, Google shares a notification for that.

Google Includes New Shopping Features To Google Ads And Shopping For Advertisers And Searchers

Google has added some new features to Google Ads and Shopping just before the start of the holiday shopping season. Features such as price tracking, price comparison and other features related to shopping get a fair price on what they want to buy. Moreover, there are features for advertisers for highlighting promotions, sales as well as insights.


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