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Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center For Search and Social Management Includes Features, Adds Beta

Now, Microsoft Digital Marketing Center(DCM) is available in open beta in the US. Microsoft had been piloting the free platform designed for SMBs for managing automated search and social campaigns in Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google since June. By moving to Beta, Microsoft has added many new features such as on-site analytics, search term control, ad reviews, etc. Moreover, it supports up to 10 profiles in organic search management. The product is aimed at simplifying management across search and social via automation. However, these updates signify that Microsoft is also listening to feedback requests for extra manual controls and data visibility.

Google Search Console To Possibly Annotate Reports For Showing Indexing Bugs

Gary Illyes from Google has stated that the Google Search Console team is  “working hard on estimating the impact and potentially annotating the reports affected.” This might indicate Google might add annotations and short footnotes to document the indexing bugs, especially those related to canonicalization and mobile-indexing issues. Google has done this in the past, where there are indexing issues, and you can see them in performance or Search Console reports.

Now Bing Is Officially Rebranded As Microsoft Bing

Bing will now be known as ‘Microsoft Bing’ after the rollout of many new changes such as a new logo and colors. All branding is subjective, but experts found the update colors and logo quite easy to the eyes as compared to the blocky logo of the past. Microsoft has stated that the main reason for including the parent company name to Bing’s branding was that it had many products powered by Bing. These products include Microsoft Flight Simulator, Windows taskbar searches, InPrivate search with Microsoft Edge, Windows taskbar searches, work search scenarios with Microsoft 365, etc.

Google My Business Makes Changes To Insights And Video Uploads

Google My Business is offering business owners more data to work within a series of recent updates to performance reports. The most significant of these updates is the ability to view how many times a business profile was visible in search results. In a recent update, Google is minimizing the maximum size of videos uploaded to GMB. New metrics are being included, and now it will be easier for business owners to view data directly from their profile. Google is including insights to interactions. This data will enable business owners to know how often people have got in touch with them after visiting their GMB profile. In the next few months, more metrics will be included, such as detailed reports about searches and the number of people who viewed a business profile in search results. Data on Google Maps searches will also be available in performance reporting in the months to come.

Now Google Discover Gets Updated With Web Series Carousel

Google Web Series are now prominently featured in Google app’s Discover section to reach more than 800 million people every month. A dedicated Google Web Series carousel is now visible on the top of Discover for users who are based in the US, Brazil, and India. There are plans for expanding Web Stories to more Google products in other countries also. Before being included to Discover, Web Stories had featured in search results since last year. Web Series will continue to be visible in search results and Discover. The change creates more visibility for Web Series, which is a relatively new product and provides more incentive for publishers for creating them.

Google My Business Adding A Call History Module For Logging Recent Calls From Visitors

Google My Business is developing a new feature which will enable businesses to view recent customer calls triggered via search results. Google is notifying business owners about the upcoming feature through GMB. On clicking on Try it out prompt, you will come across a message saying ‘’You’ll will be notified when this feature is available.’’ Call history in Google My Business is still in the early stages of development. However, there is a help page which has already been launched where users can learn more about the feature before it gets launched.

Experts Explain Google Autocomplete Predictions

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan has explained in a recent blog post how autocomplete predictions are generated. Anyone who utilizes Google Search has come across autocomplete before, as predictions started appearing as soon as the words were typed on the search bar. Autocomplete predictions are designed to help in saving the time of users by offering them the information they are looking for even faster. Google had earlier explained how autocomplete works. This new explainer focuses on how predictions are generated. Though autocomplete is designed to help users, it doesn’t always tend to be helpful. Sullivan also explains what Google does in situations when it is wise not to predict anything.

Keep A Track of The Latest News From Social Networking Sites

Facebook Is Introducing An Official Community Manager Certification Program Along With Free Online Courses

Social media managers can now gain Facebook certification via an official online program and improve their professional credentials with an industry-recognized badge. The Facebook Community Manager Certification Program is offered via Facebook Blueprint where at present, there are more than 90 elearning courses. Courses from Facebook Blueprint are free, but to appear for exam one has to pay a fee. Credentials earned from this certification will enable community managers to stand out as experts in this highly competitive field.

Follow The Latest News Updates Related To Paid Ads

Google Ads Launches New Reporting For Insights, Trends, Growth Opportunities, Etc.

Google Ads has announced the launch of new reports and features on Tuesday at Advertising Week. News features include new reporting and features related to Google Ads. A beta for new Insights page on Google Ads will be released in the months to come. You get tailor-made custom insights for your business, including search trends which will enable you to find product or service categories where there is maximum growth of consumer interest.

Google Ads Launches Automated Insights, Performance Max Campaigns, To Release Video Action Out of Beta

Google has released more automation features and campaign types as a part of Advertising Week on Tuesday. These announcements speak about the years of effort to utilize machine learning across campaigns across Google’s properties and also moves it has taken to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Advertisers can now view existing trending searches, auction insights and interest predictions customized to their account. For instance, an outdoor gear retailer can see that ‘’tents’’ is a trending term for which competitors in the auction are getting impression share, and ‘’skiing’’ is predicted to become a trend in November. It also integrates with recommendations.


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