We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Bing’s Content Submission API Enables Real-Time Indexing

The Bing Content Submission API is now available to everyone following extensive beta testing. Bing’s Bing Content Submission API went into beta earlier this year. The API allows you to notify Bing in real-time about changes to your site’s content. When combined with the Bing URL Submissions API, this tool will provide greater flexibility in sending updated content and URLs to Bing as soon as they go live.

Google Posts Can Be Added Directly From Google Search

Google stated in June that you would be able to add Google Posts directly from the Google search results page. You can now directly create a GMB Post from the search results.

Google Page Experience Update Is Now Available In Search & Top Stories

Google has announced that the Google page experience update is now fully operational, including in Google Search and Top Stories. Google stated that it would be fully operational in the Google News App within a week. Google penned, “The rollout of the page experience is now complete, including updates to the Top Stories mobile carousel. Changes to the Google News app have also begun and will be completed in about a week.”

PPC Related Updates And News

Google is Going to Start Sharing More Search Term Data with Advertisers

Google Ads officially unveiled that it will start sharing more search term data with advertisers. This move comes almost exactly one year after the initial decision to begin hiding search term data with “insignificant data,” a move that drew criticism and frustration from advertisers.

Microsoft Ads Has Released an Optimization Score

According to the company’s most recent announcement, Optimization Score is now available on the Recommendations tab in Microsoft Ads. The new scoring system is intended to assist advertisers in improving their account optimization status and potential, assist advertisers in spending their time more efficiently, prioritize the optimization actions with the greatest impact, and track their optimization efforts over time.

Microsoft Advertising Announces Product Releases and Updates for September

Microsoft Advertising has announced its September product releases and updates, including video advertising on the Audience Network, ad disclaimers, flexible IOs, and much more. Advertisers can now run video advertisements on the Microsoft Audience Network. Advertisers can use videos ranging in length from 6 seconds to 2 minutes.

Social Media Updates And News

YouTube Expands 5 Creator-Friendly Features

YouTube is introducing five new video creator features that will provide more viewer insights and greater control over ads and video chapters. The new features include Evergreen video insights, Trending hashtags, AdSense blocking controls, Bulk editing of video chapters, and Appeal yellow monetization icons in-studio mobile.

New Facebook and Instagram Account Verification Policies

Brands and celebrities who want to verify their accounts on Facebook and Instagram will now have to follow the social media giant’s updated application process. Verifications are not platform endorsements. Rather, it is a sign of importance and authenticity. Facebook also emphasized that having your business or personal profile verified has no bearing on the system’s preferences and will not be ‘favoured.’


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