Anchor texts are hyperlinked, clickable words present in the content. Focusing on anchor text optimization in internal and external content can help you gain a better ranking in search engines. In 2011 and earlier, many companies gained good rankings by utilizing keyword-rich links as anchor texts. In 2012, Google released the Penguin update, which hurt the rankings of those companies which were using exact match keywords. Businesses started to look for new strategies related to anchor text optimization to improve their rankings.

Anchor texts are of various types. Zero/basic/unoptimized anchor texts have phrases that are not related to content like click here and go here. They do not add any SEO value to your content. These anchor texts are ideal for use in sites that need zero anchors like paid and traditional directories, press releases, profile links, etc. This PageTraffic infographic on anchor text optimization shares the most effective practices you can engage in to improve your website’s ranking.


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