Shutdowns related to COVID-19 have affected different industries in a variety of ways. There has been a remarkable change in the behavior of web users, causing a visible difference in online trends in organic traffic and conversion rates. In the week which ended on 22nd March, online traffic in the supermarket segment rose by 16.14%, and tourism sector fell by 56.8%. Industries such as media, finance, healthcare and food experienced growth in organic traffic while others such as construction, travel, transportation, manufacturing, advertising and real estate experienced a decline.

Conversion rates in industries such as food, pharma, media and healthcare rose. In contrast, conversion rates fell in sectors like construction, real estate, manufacturing, advertising and transportation. Google and Bing together are utilizing a new type of structured data markup for special announcements that are linked to COVID-19, such as travel restrictions and guidelines. This Grazitti infographic shares vital details related to the impact of COVID-19 on business as well as digital marketing initiatives.


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