What does a landing page entail? A one-pager catalyzes moving leads through the buyer’s journey and closer to becoming clients. Unlike other pages on your website, a landing page has a single goal: to convince users to do a specific action. Viewing a fantastic piece of inbound content maybe that action. It could be requesting a free demo. It could be something as simple as signing up for your email newsletter. The list goes on and on. Whatever your landing page is giving must be compelling and exciting enough to entice visitors to take the necessary action.
Conversion rates on landing pages differ by industry. According to research, the average conversion rate is 2.35 percent, with conversion rates exceeding 5 percent in the top 25% of organizations. The best 10% of websites have conversion rates of more than 11%, which you should aim for. But how can you develop a fantastic landing page that converts? If you follow these tips by Host Papa, you’ll be well on your way to designing high-converting landing pages.


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