Content plays a vital role in the success of any online campaign. Unless your content draws the interest of people, you have little chances of drawing the interest of your target audience. If you own an online business, then you need to work out your content marketing strategy to meet your business objectives. But one dilemma which you may face is regarding the exact length of your content. Going by the recent trends, you can assume that a blog post with top SERP ranking has a content length between 2000-2500+ words.

Domain age and content length are two inter-related aspects. Older domains which are more than 10 years old have a content length of 2700+ words. In contrast, domains which are in the 1-10 years age group have a content length of 2100 words. The content length for a new domain is less than 1800 words. However, newer domains can acquire a better SERP ranking than older ones if they have a better quality of content and natural backlinks. The Smart Insights infographic shares interesting facts on ideal content length and its impact on SEO.


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