As a writer, you are likely to know the importance of a good title. It is vital for drawing the user’s attention and increasing the CTR of a page. If users don’t like your title on the SERP, they are not likely to click it and read your article. From the point of view of SEO, it is wise to include your keyword in the title only if it is short and high volume. Therefore, look for exciting content headlines. You can use tools like Topic Research to find the most impactful headlines with backlinks related to your topic.

Ensure that your URL is descriptive and meaningful. URL is the perfect place to use keywords. Make it a point to update your content and title every year. It will ensure that your content is evergreen and can be later used in slightly or even greatly different content. If you want to change the URL, don’t forget to redirect it to avoid 404 mistakes. This SEMrush infographic shares a complete SEO checklist which you can use for blogging.


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