Search data might be utilized more efficiently to understand audiences and make predictions in the days to come. As some countries start reopening their door, how will the COVID-19 phase look like based on search data? There were 44% more searches for leisure time activities in March-April 2020 as compared to March-April 2019. There were70% more searches for fitness equipment in March-April 2020 as compared to the same period in 2019. A shift to the remote-first working environment has generated a high demand for software, security, productivity tools as well as video conferencing tools.

There has been a surge in search for antivirus software in between January 1st-May 5th 2020. Video conferencing and online software tools have witnessed a growth of 520% in search during the same period. This CodeFuel infographic shares details on search trends during the COVID-19 and exit phase.


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