Are you looking for ways to optimize your content and improve your ranking? First, you need to indicate the relevance of your content to search bots. Tap human psychology for boosting social shares, reads and clicks. You also need to use compelling media to enhance the quality of your content. Title tags are an essential element of SEO and indicate the relevance of your post. Limit each post to 55 characters for presenting in full search on search engine result pages. Include target keywords as phrases two to five times in the post.

Make sure that you include words that are semantically linked to your keyphrase to indicate the relevance of the topic. To engage the reader, use secondary headlines. These headlines have dashes, colons and parenthetical statements that might feature multiple keyword phrases and will boost your click rates. This Visme infographic shares a blog post checklist that contains some vital points using which you can improve your search ranking.


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