Technical SEO is a process of making your site easier for search engines to read and rank. However, there are certainly technical issues that can cause the opposite effect: damage. The most common website problems are associated with meta tags, markup, and links. According to studies, more than 70% of website errors linked domains involve difficulties with markups, meta tags, links, and multimedia. Similar problems are also the most websites.

Do not use adjectives and quality keys like “best phone” or something similar. This will make your headlines stand out among the crowd, but be aware that robots may ignore them. Use more creative words to get people’s attention instead. In the page description, it is essential to use the main keyword in the first sentence. It’s also best practice never to include fragments from other website pages unless you’re trying to make them more interesting or relevant (or both). This SERPSTAT infographic shares the most common technical SEO issues that damage your site.


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