The future of online search has been predicted to be voice search numerous times during the past ten years. We know you’re as eager as we are to have content from your website picked up and sent to smart home gadgets. People have already started using voice search, and many of them can’t imagine going back to the tedious, old-fashioned method of typing. 71% of consumers said they would rather ask a voice search question than type it in. In 2022, it is anticipated that 66.3 million American households will have a smart speaker.
The number of voice search users will rise as the technology becomes more widely used. But how can you guarantee that Siri, Alexa, or Cortana share your website with entire families? What can you do to get the 71% of voice-only searchers to remain your clients? Good news The voice search community has created strategies to include in site optimization. Is your website voice search ready yet? Make a quick inspection. Continue reading this post by MarketingProfs to learn how to optimize voice search and succeed so that your website will be there the next time a potential customer says, “Ok, Google.”

Optimize Your Results for Voice Search Infographic

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