Bing Ads debuted Enhanced Sitelinks in the US last year in September. With the promise of rolling it out worldwide, Bing Ads has made Enhanced Sitelinks available to nearly all supported markets and languages globally. Bing Ads will be soon launching the same in the remaining markets which are Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Enhanced sitelinks allows the advertisers to add two line description copy below each Sitelink Extension. However, Enhanced Sitelinks only trigger for the ad in top position i.e. they display only when ad is either in first position or is one of the top performing ads- primarily on brand terms. Other factors on which the result display depends is user’s location, space available on page and ad relevancy. For the show description text, Sitelinks should not exceed 25 characters, unlike standard Sitelinks which provide the limit of 35 characters.

Bing Ads Rolls Out Enhanced Sitelinks Globally & Adds Sitelink Device Preference

Enhanced Sitelinks display only on desktops or tablet devices. This is the reason why Bing Ads also announced the launch of a device preference option for Sitelinks. This lets advertisers specify which Sitelink should have preference on mobile traffic.

A cursory search in the US found that many companies are not deriving benefits out of Enhanced Sitelinks yet. At the time of the US launch, Bing Ads reported an average click-through rate increase of 27% when Enhanced Sitelinks were shown.


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