Facebook appears to be revamping its presentation of the reviews of pages for local places. This is alongside the accompanying scores in the 5 star rating system. The procedure for letting people post ratings and reviews in the page remains the same, but the look has changed.

The Local Business needs to be chosen for the category of the page and the business address has to be added to the page. Users can then select the category of the page when they create a Page, or if they have already created a Page, its category can be changed.

The main impact of this change is now with respect to the massive difference in the ways reviews are now appearing. Matteo Gamba has shared the screenshot showing the changes and these are roughly the transitions that have occurred.

Change in Reviews Plus the 5 Star Rating System on Facebook Underway
Image Credit: Matteo Gamba

The reviews for the place’s page is now more streamlined and organized. The review button was introduced way back in 2013 and it is currently between the Like and Message buttons beneath the cover photo. The review box and the 5 star rating are linked and you can even see which other Facebook friends have liked the page. But now changes have been made and these are visible even as an official Facebook blog site has discussed this transition at length.


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