Google has unveiled new & upgraded features for Google+. In a blog post about the event, it has been revealed that 18 more Google+ features have been brought in.

Google+ Video Enhancements

A slew of video & photo upgrades will be mostly available by this week. Google has made improvements to the Auto Awesome feature in iMovies with the promise that it "can bring your story to life in many ways". With Auto Awesome Movies, photos from album can be used to create movies automatically with effects, transitions, and soundtrack. Other feature of Auto Awesome movies include application of different styles & filters over the video with a swipe or to fine control the length of the video, soundtrack etc.

  • Google+ Photo Enhancements
  • Other then Auto Awesome tools, some of the changes have been applied to Google+ photo editing & storage on the network. These include:
  • Full size backup and background synchronization for Google+ iOS. Photos will be automatically uploaded as they are taken
  • Exempt an album completely or the ability to dial for auto enhancements; up or down
  • More than 1000 new search terms will be improving Google+ photo search. These will expand upon deep learning photo surfacing search, which was launched at Google I/O
  • A new setting HDR Scrape has been introduced as a part of SnapSeed that will allow users to control the filter strength
  • A new filter, Analog Efex Pro has been added to the Nik collection of pro photo editing tools. The premium service is priced for $149

Enhancement in Auto Awesome for Photos:

Action – You can now create a strobe effect. Recognize a moving subject (like an athlete) and superimpose it over one background to create an animated GIF

Enhancements for Google+ Hangouts on Air, Photos & Videos Revealed!

Eraser – If you have a series of images, Google+ can erase the moving objects to make your picture cleaner

Enhancements for Google+ Hangouts on Air, Photos & Videos Revealed!

Google+ Hangout Upgrades & Features

Broadcasters can now schedule Hangouts of Air as well as promote them through a dedicated watch page. There's a Control Room that will allow hosts to moderate the on-air conversation with mute & eject buttons.

Google+ Hangouts for Android now comes with location sharing & SMS feature. Users can send a map of their current location as well as receive/send text without the need to switch in between apps. Animated GIFs will be played inline with Hangouts.

With the video calling controls enhancements, videos will appear full-screen across the mobile & the desktop. Automatic lighting and webcam adjustment features have also been added. 

Enhancements for Google+ Hangouts on Air, Photos & Videos Revealed!

Vic Gundotra, SVP at Google in his opening presentation shared the recent Google+ statistics:

  • 1.5 billion photos are uploaded on Google+ each week
  • Google+ has over 300 million members
  • More than 540 million people are active on Google+ each month and over 300 million actively visit the Google+ social stream

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