ses-sanjose-07.pngWith all the sessions, people and topics covered, we knew SES, San Jose 2007 would be vast. Proving just this are the coverage of sessions from all over! Hers is the complete list of postings, images, videos ad fun stuff from around the world!

Listed below is an alphabetical recount of our coverage:

  1. Ad Testing- Research & Findings
  2. Ads In A Quality Score World Session
  3. Are Paid Links Evil
  4. Content Is King!
  5. Copyright & Trademarks: What SEMs Should Know
  6. CSS, AJAX, Web 2.0 & Search Engines
  7. Domaining & Address Bar-Driven Traffic Session
  8. Issues In Analytics
  9. Link Building Basics
  10. Local Search Marketing Tactics
  11. Meet The Crawlers
  12. Mobile Search
  13. Organic Listings Forum
  14. Personalization, User Search And Data Session
  15. Questions Asked At SES, San Jose 2007: From Video SEO To Crawling
  16. Search APIs
  17. Search Engines On Click Fraud
  18. SEM Pricing Models
  19. SEO Q&A On Links
  20. SEO Through Blogs & Feeds
  21. SMO: Social Media Optimization
  22. So You Want To Be A Search Marketer!
  23. The SEO Reputation Problem
  24. Universal & Blended Vertical Search!
  25. Usability & SEO: Two Wins For The Price Of One
  26. Video Search Optimization
  27. Writing For Search Engines

Coverage by other members of SEM communities:



Carolyn Shelby and Michael Gray


Chris Boggs


Cshel and Steve Krull


Dave Brown and Carolyn Shelby


Epiar Guys w Matt


G Dance


Goog D




Loren Baker


M Mayer


Neil Patel and Lisa Barone


No More Seats


Organic Listings




RentVine Video This has to be the most popular video of the session. Shot by David Dugdale, thanks to Jeffrey Rohrs the video ended up being shown during the Paid links debate. The video stars-

  • Danny Sullivan – SearchEngineLand
  • Matt Cutts – Google
  • Greg Boser – WebGuerrilla
  • Dave Naylor – DaveN
  • Aaron Wall – SEO Book
  • Rand Fishkin – SEOMoz


John Marshall (Founder of ClickTracks) discusses his new company Market Motive. It’s very interesting stuff.

Source: Aim Clear Blog

Greg Jarboe and David Dalka share conference anecdotes at the keynote speaker address

Source: Aim Clear Blog

Andy Atkins Kruger WebCertain

In this video, Andy Atkins Kruger of UK-based WebCertain discusses multilingual SEO.


Search Bash organized by WebmasterRadio FM.


Google Dance:


Women in Search Luncheon (Women in Search Luncheon – SES San Jose)


Funny Posts:

Top 9 Reasons to Skip 2007 Google Dance

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