Google announced on Twitter on Friday that they have made two changes to make it specifying of landing page parameters simpler. These changes are:-

  1. Google Ads now includes final URL suffix
  2. The number of custom parameters has been raised from 3 to 8.

These changes offer users with a greater number of alternatives in order to cite the parameters for landing pages. They are helpful for accounts which utilize third-party tracking solutions.

Google Ads Upgrades Landing Page Parameters Options

By making both these additions, Google Ads supports all features required by users to migrate their accounts to parallel tracking. The deadline for migration is October 30. Parallel tracking helps to enhance the speed of a landing page’s loading time. It works by detaching tracking parameters from the landing page URL. Once a user clicks on an ad, he is taken directly to the landing page. The AdWords Click tracker, tracking URL and redirects if any are loaded separately.

In case you haven’t made the migration, Google suggests that you migrate your accounts to parallel tracking in order to avail its benefits. Google posted an alert for those people who are using AdWords Editor:-


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