In an official blogpost Google AdWords announced about launching reporting dashboards. Advertisers can bring together their most important reports and discover insights about their business.

Google stateed, “Every business has its own unique set of reporting needs – from determining which keywords drive the most website traffic to understanding the top performing mobile search ads over time. Having a consolidated, and comprehensive view of how your account is doing helps you spend less time creating reports, and more time identifying new opportunities.”

Google AdWords Rolling Out Dashboards For Reporting

Create the customized view of your data

Using dashboards give you the flexibility to arrange your charts and tables in a more meaningful way. You can also add existing saved tables and charts to dashboards, or create new ones. Select any date range and see how your dashboard looked at that time.

Monitor Performance in one place

There is no need to navigate back and forth across different tabs and reports to get a comprehensive view of the performance of the account, since you have all important charts and tables in one place. Check your impressions and CTRs by device right next to clicks by device. You will be able to better understand the relationships between your data. Also you will be able to easily establish patterns and trends.

Collaborate and Share

If you have multiple people working on the same AdWords account, you can build and review dashboards together.

Get Started

Google has provided a starter dashboard as an example. You may build off this dashboard and modify it your requirements. You may also delete it and create your own. Creating dashboards in AdWords is simple. Just click Reports at the top of your account, click the Dashboards tab, and then + Dashboard.

Take this guided tour to build your first dashboard.


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