A few months ago there was an update which reported that Google would soon decorative AdWords accounts without spending in the next 15 months. This is going to start any day now. Google updated on Twitter saying that it is going to start soon in mid-May. Google stated this aiming to help speed things up for them. In order to speed up AdWords, accounts which have no spending in the last 15 months shall be deactivated starting mid-May. Google stated that it can be reactivated at any time.

Google AdWords To Start Deactivating Accounts With No Spend

There are two major reasons why your AdWords account might be canceled. A user who has administrative access to the account can request to cancel the account. Your AdWords account has been inactive for more than 15 months meaning your account hasn’t spent any money for 15 months and was automatically canceled.

When the account is canceled, you will receive an email notification. As always, you will be able to log in and access to your canceled account. You shall receive an in-account notification letting you know your account has been canceled. You will always be able to reactivate your canceled account. But if you reactivate a canceled account, the account remains inactive and doesn’t serve ads for three months after reactivation, the account shall be canceled automatically. Keep in mind, accounts which are canceled won’t through Google AdWords API. You will need to reactivate the account before starting to view data or make changes to account via API.


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