Google introduces a new feature to its snippet display to enhance the informative quality of the search snippet display. Google can now add on additional information, like similarities and difference of two different things in the snippet itself. The expandable subtopics feature enables the searcher know more without making much efforts for in-depth details.

Homogeneous to how Google displays featured snippets for individual topics, Google can now display a featured snippet with better detailing. The searchers can also use drop down tabs to explore the topic further, within the same snippet itself.

Google says, “these featured snippets are designed to surface what it understands to be common and useful aspects of a topic.” For example, when you search for furniture, you will a quick view of the recommended size, purpose and major links to places where you can avail the furniture you require. The information can be in any form, be it paragraph text, steps to take or a table. Depending upon the nature of the search keyword.

Google Annexes Expandable Subtopics Feature to its Snippet Display

The snippets are automatically generated, without any specific instruction or format for the content to be included. Google explains, “These new panels are automatically generated based on our understanding of these topics from content on the web, and we hope you find them useful as they roll out over the next few days.”

Google updated the feature for queries that might have multiple interpretations. Like, a searcher searching for headache can be either searching for the causes or remedies. To quench ambiguous queries like these this feature is a boon.

Google introduced the Expandable Subtopic snippet feature for multi-intent queries that might have various components to look at, and are of equal importance. These multifaceted snippets are still being worked upon to make the entire search process convenient and time saving, with various new features to debut in the upcoming updates.


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