A day after making expanded ads live globally, Google AdWords has introduced several updates to AdWords Editor. This version supports expanded text ads and mobile app engagement ads, import/export and simultaneous posting for multiple accounts, and more.

Google Brings AdWords Editor 11.5 To Support Expanded Text Ads

Google said, “AdWords Editor 11.5 provides full support for expanded text ads. Expanded text ads offer nearly 50% more ad text for you to highlight your products and services before people even click into your ad. It’s important to take advantage of expanded text ads as soon as possible because after October 26th, 2016, you’ll no longer be able to create or edit standard text ads. AdWords Editor lets you create and edit expanded text ads at scale so you can easily migrate all of your standard text ads before this date. To help you get started, check out our best practices guide.”

Mobile App Engagement Ads
Advertisers can now create and edit mobile app engagement ads in Editor, making it easier to reach the right app users.

Post Changes To Multiple Accounts
Advertisers can post changes to multiple accounts at the same time, import csv file into multiple accounts, and export more than once account into a single csv file.

Create and Edit Structured Snippet Extensions
It lets you highlight features of a specific product or describe the range of products or services the business offers.


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