Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed that the June 2019 core update which started rolling out on June 3rd has fully rolled out on June 8th.

What took five days for the update to roll out?

Google took five full days to roll out the Google core update. The rollout process took time since Google has numerous servers and data centers around the world and they require time to get the update. Five-days for the roll-out of an update isn’t too long. Earlier, it took weeks or longer for updates to be completed.

What is the impact of this update?

Major publications like CCN and Daily Mail have publicly stated that they have been badly hit by this update. Search experts are compiling update related to this update and will share fresh data in the days to come. Most of the data snapshots provide you an idea about a small fraction of Google index and don’t represent the full impact of such updates. Google hasn’t shared any data on the impact of these updates as it had with Panda and Penguin updates. However, it did mention that it announces such core updates since they are ‘’noticeable.’’

June 2019 Core Update overlapped with another update

The Jun 2019 core update overlapped with the diversity update. Google Core Update was rolled out on June 3 and was completed on June 8. The Google diversity update, on the other hand, was rolled out on June 4 and completed on June 6.

Why is the significance of the update?

When Google rolls out major updates, being aware when the update started and ended is useful for tracking the surge and fall in your analytics. It helps you comprehend whether your site has been hit by a particular update or some type of technical problem. When two updates overlap each other, analyzing and understanding them becomes more challenging. But skilled SEOs can delve deep into these updates to find out their impact on a site at a specific time.


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