The introduction of Covid-19 in Wuhan, China, in 2019 and later spread to other parts of the World, managed to disrupt the daily normalcy of activities in a way never seen before in the history of man. Covid-19 has affected active sectors of production across the World, paving more challenges in the modern competitive market. 

Several surveys carried out by a section of Organizations Globally have confirmed that many people have been left jobless in the face of the novel Covid-19. It is as a result of social gathering restrictions in business sectors and a limited number of employees in different working stations.

The question that remains unanswered to many is how are we going to cope with the situation at hand and bring our businesses back to life. Every business person is asking himself or herself if the customers are actively engaged in buying products at this time when the whole World is fighting Covid-19. The answer to this question is that life continued with the introduction of Covid-19 in the World. Life did not stop. In other words, customers are out there looking for and buying essential to luxury items.

According to a report published by LYFE Marketing social media management company, it is possible to publicize one’s business at this time and still perform so well like before. While writing to LYFE Marketing, one JHOAN affirms that one of their clients is generating 7x their ROAS amidst the battle with the Covid-19 scourge.

Since many people are at their homes, they are spending more time surveying items in shopping malls and, as such, while on their smartphones browsing. A business-oriented individual should use this time to win over the stiff competition in the market.

Kenz Laurenz, a fashion design brand producing accessories and wears in conjunction with LYFE marketing, engaged in an operation to improve their (Kenz Laurenz) marketing methodology in the face of the deadly novel Covid-19 and managed to achieve their set goals through the newly Facebook ads campaign on 2nd April 2020.

Therefore, we can deduce that the widespread use of the novel Coronavirus has paved the way for increased numbers, charts as well as statistics during the daily surveys and briefings globally.

The following includes ways of boosting your business using Return On Ads Spent (ROAS) during Covid-19.

Consider Having Your Products Advertised On Social Media Platforms 

Many people are at their homes due to the directives stipulated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in a move to cut the spread of the virus, and they are conducting everything via social media, for example, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TVs, etc. Take an instance of advertising your products on your blog, and if you don’t have, then consider creating one as soon as possible. 

Through these adverts, businesses will get noticed and identified by customers worldwide, and that will be the genesis of your success. For example, when it comes to Facebook advertising, this guide will help you on how you’re gonna make the best use of it during this pandemic.

Note: Remember to keep your customers updated daily to win their trust.

Consider Creating More Links With Other Netizens 

As an entrepreneur or business person, it is to your advantage when you create more online friendships with other people. The chain you form on Social media will help market your products. How do you engage them? It is simple; don’t be complicated. Clients want producers who are flexible and honest. Post more on online platforms and leave Netizens to comment on your items and be on the standby to respond positively. You can equally put to the test paid adverts.

Note: The more you have a long business chain, the more your business grows fast.

Be Online at All Times

One thing you should note is that everything right now is being controlled by social media such as payment of goods, online shopping, etc. Therefore, once you have introduced your products to your clients, find ways of engaging them like presenting awards to those buying the products, reviewing the work, and continuously posting.

As a business owner, you can feature in promoting limited-time offers alongside contests, and in so doing, you will see your business running smoothly in the face of Covid-19.

Note: You can equally greet your online customers before introducing your product by saying, “Good morning, all. I hope you are doing well. Let’s introduce another new brand!”

Change Your Marketing Methodology

Consider marketing face masks, sanitizers, and other necessities that came with the introduction of the Covid-19 scourge. What people want now is face masks at a lower price due to hard economic times. It is now time to up your tacts and show your customers that you are always ready to provide what they need most in any season.

Primarily, clients across the globe are adhering to Health protocols that were proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Also, they want to protect their families from being infected by the virus. It is now time to provide the necessary items only to a target audience. 

Note that this is the best opportunity to win the hearts of your customers that will stick to you even after post-Covid-19 since you will have proven your reliability and credibility to them.

Be Quick to Identify Opportunities 

This Covid-19 age should open your eyes and brains to look into the competitive market and offer a possible solution that will last for like ten years. The pandemic has exposed the weaknesses that lie in our businesses. Provide a solution to these people sent home to reduce the number of employees at work. Create another side hustle for them at different positions to have them contribute to the economy.

Note: Always be creative and provide what other business persons have not seen, and you will have a brand for life.

Finally, your determination and hard work will result in a successful business with time. Take time to go out in the field to survey before preparing your tools to start the market. Many companies that are currently stable amidst the battle with Covid-19 never flourished in one day. Any business has challenges starting from capital to location, stick to your goals.


Emmanuel is a published author (Fretting Woes and Afflictions), Content producer, Essayist, and Poet. This author possesses a media personality, having been featured in Kibabii University Weekly Magazine and Opera News. He is a student pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in English and Literature at Kibabii University Bungoma-Kenya. Find him on Facebook and YouTube as Emmanuel Wamalwa's Poetry.