In 2019, with 500 million Internet users and 21 unicorns, the internet in India is maturing. We see hyper-scale ahead with potentially 1 billion users and 100 unicorns.  As a result, our main theme for this year’s event is India Internet Unboxed: Getting ready for a 100 Unicorns.
India Internet Day 2019
India Internet Unboxed: Getting ready for a 100 Unicorns
We will showcase the Unboxing theme to get into deep fireside conversations with experienced founders and investors. 

Unboxing Indian Tech going Global:
With the young and dynamic pool of startup entrepreneurs and skilled workforce, India has all but become a focal point to generate innovative ideas, many finding global footprint.

Unboxing Pivots and Pirouettes to Exits:
Though founded with a winning vision in the eyes of the founder, startups continuously need to evolve and pivot. After all, the greatest asset is time. Why and when pivot or/ and exit?

Unboxing China:
Large Chinese internet companies and leading investors are looking to invest outside China, including in India, SE Asia and the US. Get a unique outside-in point-of-view on India from an economy that has recently gone through hyper-scaling to over 130 unicorns.

Unboxing Funding:
The holy grail of tech entrepreneurship unboxed by up-close, as those who raised and raised big reveal all and those who invested at various stages tell you how and why?  #NoGyan

Unboxing Second Innings:
Clearly made of sterner stuff, these are entrepreneurs who demonstrate the ability to swing back from the dark side of the moon they play their second innings.

For entrepreneurs who are looking to startup or are building their startups, #iDay is an essential pitstop to retool and reboot for the new environment.

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