You know it very well that Twitter links are 'nofollow'- but that doesn't mean that Twitter can be ignored when it comes to link building. Infact, Twitter links will help you build your credibility to a great extent, and also move up in Search Engine rankings. A major benefit of Twitter link building is that you receive traffic and clicks by those who are highly relevant to your network or niche. As they are people who share your interests. The result- you get better, higher quality links-which will lead to  better conversions.

Here is a list of Link Building Tips via Twitter:

The Google Connection– Google bots filter Twitter more often than you think Search results include Tweets on the term too. Google is catering to the users' need of knowing what's happening, hence the 'real time' search results. So, for SEO purposes, you need to keep getting quality links from Twitter. And you need to keep getting them regularly. If Google is focusing on real time results, you should too. What is said about your brand/site on Twitter vis-a-vis others is monitored closely by Google. The bottom line- if Tweeple like you, so will Google.

Research For Your Niche -Your niche-people with similar interests-your target audience. This is what you need to find when you first land on Twitter. Make sure that you search for the twitter accounts for the top ranking websites in your niche. Then have close look the people following the account, and if they are suitable for your circle-share the same interests and if they will serve your purpose. With 200 million users, it is a time taking task, but you have to move around. Find and locate the people who fall in your niche. There are various Twitter directories, who can help you in searching. Twellow lets you find the category corresponding to your circle and then provides you with a list of the top people. is a Twitter directory and that helps you find like minded people. It is packed with extra features like Twitter news, statistics and interesting user profiles listed daily. The site provides you with a profile page that comes with 'dofollow' links to your Twitter Profile and also to your website. You have to sign up, and only if you get approved, then only will you get this profile page.

Use Twitter Search–  Another way of finding your circle and coming closer to your niche is to use the Twitter search engine. It has been recently modified to aid in better and cleaner and faster search. You can search for like minded people-Tweets and pages. You can search for your keyword and find out what is being Tweeted about it and by whom. More on Twitter Search here.

You can also and must use hashtags. These are nothing but keywords, and you can search for the ones related to your niche. The results will show you the people Tweeting about your keyword, and you can get into their profiles. Check out their profiles and see if you may be able to network with them. Keep the focus on your niche.

Follow The Right People-Now that you know where your top influencers are, you have to filter them even further, to those who fit your niche perfectly. Follow a top influencer, then follow the most popular ones in their list-then keep exploring the lists of all who are influential. Make sure to follow only those who generate avid interest among their followers. Then you have to interact with them. Tweet-Retweet-comment-interact in every way you see possible. The purpose is to draw attention to yourself. Let them notice you first. Make a connection, so they’ll interact with you in return. Before you make your pitch, before you ask them to share your link, you must have made a strong connection.

Create Lists And Favourites– This feature is by far the most helpful, that Twitter has to offer. Lists are carefully sorted users, that are related and relevant to an issue. So, you must create a List of people who you think can help you get links. Everyone has lists on their profile. Even the top profiles. So, all you have to do is go to Profile–>Lists–>Followed. This will display the number of followers for a list. And in the case of followers, the more the merrier. So search for the best lists corresponding to your niche.

You can use a tool like Listorious  for searching  Twitter lists as well. The tool allows you to see how many people are on the list and see how many followers they have.

'Favourites' is a tool that helps you mark a Tweet as your favourite. Now you must look for people in your niche, who have a Tweet with your keyword as their favourite, then, follow them. Retweeting someone's favourite Tweet will also get you their attention.

So the basis is this. You have to follow all these steps. Follow these people and make a connect. Only then will they share what you have to say. Once they are convinced that the content you are providing is genuine and of relevant interest to them, they will Tweet the link. With their influence, you will get highly relevant clicks as they will be of people with similar interests.

These time tested Twitter tips will not let you down.


Navneet Kaushal is the Editor-in-Chief of PageTraffic Buzz. A leading search strategist, Navneet helps clients maintain an edge in search engines and the online media. Navneet is also the CEO of SEO Services company PageTraffic which is one of the leading search marketing company in Asia.