The TNW Conference 2023, held on June 15-16 in Amsterdam, was a major event for the tech industry. The conference’s resounding theme, ‘Reclaim the Future,’ motivated delegates to build a more promising tomorrow.

PageTraffic covered the TNW Conference 2023 as the official media partner. We saw incredible unveilings, made connections, and developed partnerships. The event was full of moments that were exciting and inspiring.

Along with fundamental design principles, diversity, and inclusion were given top billing, emphasising how crucial it is to support scale-ups and “stayups” alike. Participants learned essential lessons about raising money from venture capitalists and investigating the enormous potential of artificial intelligence (AI).

Here are some of the key highlights from two days of TNW 2023, Amsterdam.

TNW Conference Highlights

Highlights from Day 1 of the TNW Conference

Mark Rutte kicks off the Opening Ceremony

At the opening ceremony, Mark Rutte set the tone for TNW Conference 2023, delivering an inspiring message that captivated participants and fueled their excitement for the two-day event. Rutte’s statements, which were joined by CEO Myrthe van Der Erve and Co-founder Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, set the stage for lively conversations and the production of fresh ideas.

TNW Conference Highlights

Creating the Path to Transformative Success

The conference delved into the topic of digital transformation, and professionals like Sir Martin Sorrell, the chairman of WPP and the creative force behind S4 Capital, and Malcolm Moore from the Financial Times shared their expertise. They looked at the influence of digital disruption and the methods used while collaborating with well-known clients like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Sir Martin Sorrell

Sir Martin Sorrell of S4 Capital and WPP, along with Malcolm Moore of the Financial Times, offers insightful advice on navigating the digital transformation revolution.

Malcolm Moore from the Financial Times

Malcolm Moore from the Financial Times shares his expertise.

Winner of The Pitch Battle

Nostics won the Pitch Battle finals with an astounding triumph, winning over a panel of investors, business titans, and journalists. After their powerful presentation sealed the deal, the TNW Conference thanked them and wished them luck in their future endeavors.

Nostics wins the Pitch Battle finals, winning over the prestigious panel of investors, business titans, and journalists with their powerful and persuasive pitch.

Achieving Digital Transformation and Net Zero: Making it Possible

Leading industry professionals spoke about the value of balancing technical advancement and sustainable practices, placing environmental responsibility at the forefront of their discussions. Participants learned how to streamline operations, save waste, and use data-driven insights for a greener and more effective company model. Leaders now have the ability to navigate a world that is changing quickly and contribute to a sustainable future.

Driving Change: Inspiring Examples of Commitment and Initiative in Tackling Climate Issues

Jamie Crummie, co-founder of Too Good To Go, and Lubomila Jordanova, CEO of Plan A, gave a powerful example of how commitment and initiative can bring about great change. Standing ovations were given after their stirring presentation on the Growth Quarters stage, which moved participants to act quickly on climate-related issues.

EY Padel Tournament

The EY Padel Tournament raised the bar for networking by allowing participants to interact on the court. Attendees are welcome to participate in a fun game of padel on the second day.

EY Padel Tournament

Finding Balance: The Assembly Uniting Leaders

In an effort to identify a middle ground between regulation and innovation, the Assembly, in partnership with the Financial Times, brought together representatives from the executive branch, the business community, and policymakers. The Assembly covered different themes and had a big influence thanks to influential individuals, including CEO Myrthe van der Erve and Tokyo Vice Governor Manabu Miyasaka.

Striving for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability was a major factor at the TNW Conference, which intended to reduce waste and its carbon footprint. Because of a collaboration with The Food Line Up, reusable dinnerware and utensils were used, creating a precedent for future conferences. Participants were urged to bring their own water bottles to refill at the water stations.

As the conference created a bustling environment for networking, startups, and investors grasped the opportunity to interact and establish new leads. Countless contacts took place over the course of two days of festival-like vibes, laying the path for future collaborations and growth.

Shaping a Responsible and Revolutionary Tomorrow

A discussion including Lila Ibrahim, COO of Google DeepMind, and Janet Adams, COO of SingularityNET, examined the fascinating world of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and its consequences. Ethical concerns and responsible AI development were explored, emphasizing the significance of navigating the complicated AI landscape to create a safe, ethical, and inclusive future.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

As sponsors and exhibitors displayed their latest technology, the expo floor was alive with significant talks among tech enthusiasts. The TNW Conference expressed gratitude to everyone who participated, recognising their contribution to creating the future.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Unlocking Wellness and Longevity through Biohacking

Teemu Arina advised on leading an enterprising life without sacrificing well-being thanks to his broad experience as a startup entrepreneur, investor, and event organiser. His discussion discussed the psychology of entrepreneurship and its difficulties while offering helpful tips for surviving in stressful employment and having a better, longer life.

Teemu Arina

Teemu Arina discusses the psychology of entrepreneurship.

The Day 1 of TNW Conference 2023 was completed successfully, with multiple inspiring lectures, innovative startups, and infinite networking possibilities, leaving attendees inspired and determined to make a difference in influencing the future.

Insights Unveiled: Highlights from TNW Conference Day 2

Amazing Speakers Mesmerise Audience at TNW Conference 2023

The second day of the TNW Conference 2023 began with a superb lineup of compelling speakers who wowed the audience. The COO of Google DeepMind, Lila Ibrahim, provided perspectives on the development of AI. Viktoriia Itskovych, Deputy CIO of Kyiv City, discussed the resilient tech sector in Ukraine. Philip Rosedale researched virtual worlds. NASA’s Nagin Cox unveiled the future of space flight.

Fun and Games Galore at Our Revamped Festival Site

Fun and Games

The energy buzzed throughout the recently remodeled festival space used for TNW Conference. Ping pong and Dutch shuffleboard allowed attendees to network, make friends, and have fun.

energy buzzed

A Medley of Marvellous Side Events

The TNW Conference featured a number of intriguing side activities. On day two, participants participated in an energising morning run through Vondel Park. After the run, there was a chance to join Techleap for delicious beverages. TNW Conference made sure that there was a wide range of selections.

A Medley of Marvellous Side Events

Highlighting Dutch Tech Ecosystem: The Startup Liaison Network + Netherlands Point of Entry Breakfast Session

At TNW HQ, attendees had the chance to learn about Dutch tech opportunities. During breakfast, they discussed the Dutch government’s support for entrepreneurs with representatives from the Startup Liaison Network and the Netherlands Point of Entry. They could take a bus to the TNW Conference if they wanted to.

Accelerating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Tech

TNW Conference collaborated with the Dutch DEI Coalition to promote DEI in technology. Roundtable discussions, a keynote speech, mentoring sessions, and networking drinks were all attended by participants.

The Memorable Closing Party

The magnificent finale celebration occurred in the event garden, where guests partied all night. They celebrated TNW Conference 2023 in style while listening to the DJ’s tunes.

Travel in Style with our Ferry Shuttle

Attendees could use the free ferry that operated alongside Amsterdam Central, take public transportation, rent a car, or ride a bicycle. In addition, TNW Conference offered a shuttle service from Zaandam Central Station. They were instructed to consult the travel book for more information.

TNW Conference 2023 Concludes!

The 2023 TNW Conference finished up in style! It’s been a mix of inspiring speakers, ground-breaking startups, and opportunities to connect. TNW is the place to be for all tech lovers, entrepreneurs and investors.


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