Twitter has introduced the new #OwnTheMoment planner that will help marketers target and tweet around key events all through the month. The new Twitter planner recommends important days and events to make sure you do not miss out a significant date. By selecting a date around which you want to build a conversation, you will allow Twitter to give you tips and ideas on how you can make the most of any occasion on Twitter with your tweet.

Twitter Introduces #OwnTheMoment Planner for UK Audience: Good or Bad for Real Time Marketing?

Although the current version is centered around Europe, it is believed that Twitter will soon pull out a version for the US based businesses as well. The calendar displays events revolving around television shows, sports, cultural events, business webinars and Twitter events. So don't be surprised when you spot an event for the Game of Thrones Season 4 or a reminder for the Amazing Spider Man 2 movie release. For egg, if you click on April 24, which denotes the Music Week Awards 2014, Twitter recommends: “Promote your music related Tweets using the #MusicWeekAwards to extend your reach to potential followers.”

The calendar gives you the option to setup reminders in Outlook or download a copy in PDF format. The planning tool includes a myriad of events which Twitter considers worthy of creating conversations around. However, it is unclear whether the selection has been made based on previous engagements. Whatever be the criteria, Twitter is looking up at them as moments of conversation starters. It also means that a whole lot of businesses will be planning to harness the tool in their marketing strategy. And that means that just like others, you will be entering a marketplace which is swarming with conversations on the same topics by almost everyone. So, while planning to tweet about an event be assured that there are others too who are doing the same.


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