Verizon, which acted as a backbone to MSN’s Yellow Pages and provided listings in Google local stated that Google Adwords will no longer be their property. It was concluded on Monday that Verizon and Google have signed a contract under which innumerable number of marketers would get ads onto Google search result pages.  Visit  ZDNET for an elaborated picture of the whole matter.

The personnels at Google stated that “We’re pleased Verison is an authorized Adwords reseller and helping local businesses take advantage of the opportunities of search advertising.” Eric Chandler, president of the Internet division at Verison conveyed in a local conference that Verizon send their sales executives out to businesses to sell them advertising which will appear in print and online, a facility that even resources at Google and other top Internet companies don’t have.

He further made a statement that this particular new phenomenon “marries our sales channel opportunities with Google’s vast advertising network.” However, in an interview he also said that “We play a key role in this whole ecosystem. We are the enablers to get this group (small merchants) online.”

Not only this, already acts as a supporter in terms of providing business profiles to Google so that if not all, atleast few search results include links. The purpose behind this act is that by including more links you can get more information about specific businesses on

For Greg Sterling, Verizon’s managing editor at The Kelsey Group, the deal seems to be a bit critical. This is because by shifting the local search market would not push the businesses to go on their own to Google or Yahoo!. Other services which are being empowered by Verizon SuperPages are MSN Local, and MSN Virtual Earth.

However, This contract with Google has given an access to Verizon advertisers to search result pages on America Online and


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