If you are trying to use the YouTube keyword tool, you will be disappointed. On searching for the tool, you will be sent to a YouTube 404 page not found page. Google has removed the free keyword tool and now suggests using the Display Planner’s AdWords for video keyword suggestions. To access the Display Planner, users must have an AdWords account.

YouTube Keyword Tool is Dead: Replaced by AdWords Display Planner Tool

Google alerted users that the tool would be disabled on September 1st. The one thing which is quite odd is that the old keyword tool page does not tell marketers how to get to the display planner but displays a 404 error.

Display Planner will take some time in the adjustment as marketers have been used to the YouTube keyword tool. It’s no longer as easy as entering a set of keywords and pressing a button.

To access the Digital Planner, all you need to do is log into your AdWords account and go to the Display Planner, enter one or several keywords and hit Get Ad Group Ideas. Here, you will be looking at keywords for video as well as see keywords under the“Individual targeting ideas”tab.


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