In an official blogpost Bing announced an advanced form of image search: Bing Visual Search. While Search by Image could let you specify an image to be used as a search query, now users can search with in that image. Let’s say you like a bedside lamp in a bedroom picture, you may now conduct a search only for that lamp.

Whenever you will conduct an image search, you will see a magnifying glass in the top left, after clicking on an image result. This magnifying glass is the “visual search button”.

Bing Introduces Advanced Bing Visual Search Bing Introduces Advanced Bing Visual Search

Click on the visual search button, and drag this button to fit cover the object that you like in the image. You can also draw a box around item. Every time the visual search button is adjusted, Bing will use the selected part of the image to run a query.

“We realize that many Bing image search users may be shopping for items they see in the image or a similar product. We automatically detect the shopping intent and, in addition to regular image search, we also run a product search to find matching products”

Bing Introduces Advanced Bing Visual Search

You can simply click on the item that you like, select the merchant on the detail page and make your purchase.

Bing Visual search is available on mobile and desktop.


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