Google has announced new updates related to snippets, knowledge panel information, and suggestions for related topics.

As per a post on Google’s keyword blog, some of the featured snippets will now have more images and similar search suggestions, along with the featured snippet content.

Another new feature is of expanding the information displayed in the ‘Knowledge Panel’ to include related content.

Michael Galvez, the Google product manager writes, “For example, while looking at the Knowledge Panel about skiing, you’ll see related searches for sports such as snowboarding directly inside the result”.

Three New Features To Improve Google Search & Discovery

The expansion of related topics has been extended to knowledge panel information as well as the top of search results.

For example, if you make a search on Google for Neymar, and then Messi, famous soccer players, you will start getting related search suggestions at the top of the search results page. To this, Michael Galvez said, “Search is not just about answering your questions – it’s also about discovery.”

Three New Features To Improve Google Search & Discovery

Other than these confirmed updates, it seems there is another update coming up that displays a carousel with a list of answers directly within the search results snippet.


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