Google announced about adding a new set of features, SOS alerts, to Google Search and Maps. The new set of features aims to help you quickly understand what’s going on and decide what to do during a crisis.

How it works

During a crisis, users may see an SOS Alerts at the top of search results when searching for the incident or location. Google will show maps, top stories and authoritative local information (if available) such as emergency phone numbers, websites, and also translations of the useful phrases. Google says, “Depending on how close you are to the affected area, you may also get a notification on your mobile device that directs you to this information.”

For those far from the affected area but still looking for the information about the crisis, searches for the relevant terms will also show an SOS alert providing a timely overview of the situation, along with features like donation opportunities.

Google Adds SOS Alerts To Google Search And Maps To Help People In Crisis

SOS Alerts will also show in Google Maps on mobile. “In Maps, you’ll see a specific icon on the map and a tappable card with more information about the crisis, such as helpful phone numbers and websites. The map will also include real-time updates, like road closures and traffic and transit updates.”

Google Adds SOS Alerts To Google Search And Maps To Help People In Crisis


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