Google has come up with two new tools which are aimed to assist webmasters to make their websites faster-Impact Calculator and Speed Scoreboard.

Speed Scoreboard

You can compare the speed of your mobile page with that of other companies using Google’s Speed Scoreboard tool. It has the ability to analyze speed of numeerous websites from 12 nations. Using this tool is as effortless as entering an URL. You can start off by submitting your URL and then the other URLs with whom you want to compare it. This tool will arrange the URLs and their related in a list. An example is given below:-

Google Mobile Speed Scoreboard: Compare your site speed with other websites

Google suggests a mobile speed of 5 seconds on 3 G connections and 3 seconds for 4 G connections.

Impact Calculator

As per Google, a second’s delay in page loading can bring down conversions by around 20%. On the basis of this statistic, Google has launched the Impact Calculator which measures the level of revenue which can be gained with a faster website. While using this tool, you can manually start with a nuber of values like average order value, monthly visitors and conversion rate. The tool will display your speed with a slider. You will have to drag the slider to the left to find out how much revenue might increase by speeding up your website by a few seconds.

Google Mobile Speed Scoreboard: Compare your site speed with other websites


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