Google has increased the amount of accessible data by Search Console Search Analytics API. Users will now gain access to 16 months of data offered by web UI. Google Search Console’s web version has enabled users to view data of the last 16 months of data as the all-new Search Console was introduced in January. Around 6 months after launch of historical data in the user interface of Google Search Console, it has now come to API.

This data is not only available in Google Search Console beta user interface but now also in Search Analytics API within Google Search Console. Developers, webmasters etc. can get their Search Analytics data from Google Search Console through the usage of API and go back up to 16 months. After the launch of the new Search Console, it was briefly mentioned that API would ultimately receive 16 months of data also. Google announced this on Twitter on Tuesday:-

Google Search Console Search Analytics API will Now Have Access to 16 Months of Data

This is a major step up from the quantity of data which was earlier measurable by Search Console UI. Therefore, instead of having only 3 months(90 days) of data, you now have a complete full 16-months worth of data!


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