Google has made two modifications in Google Search Console since yesterday. Now the index coverage report utilizes mobile-first indexing data when it is available. It has also issued notices about replacing old Google Search Console reports when similar reports are available in the new Google Search Console.

Google has updated its index coverage report for utilizing data which it acquires through mobile first indexing rather than through desktop indexing data for websites which have opted for mobile-first. Google stated that it only impacts “properties that have been migrated to mobile first indexing.”

What is new about the index coverage report?

Google mentioned that the only data which will be affected in this report is linked to “error counts” and “new issues” related notices. From now on, the index coverage report will signify status of mobile-first indexing related to such problems. Indexed page counts are not affected in any way by this change.

From November 26, 2018 onwards there has been a change in index coverage report for properties that have been moved to mobile-first indexing, according to Google. You will come to know if you have moved in case you receive a message from Google that your site has been moved. In case you don’t receive such a message, Google is still utilizing desktop indexing data for report till you get the report.

Google is doing away with a number of old reports

Google has posted notifications across the old version of Google Search Console informing users about the removal of some reports. These notifications are available on the old Google Search Console, inside Search Analytics Report, AMO report, Links report, Rich Results report, Mobile Usability report, Manual Actions report, Crawl Errors Report and Index Status Report. All these reports will be moved in the days to come. However, Google hasn’t specified a particular date for removal.

The significance of the change in the index coverage report

With the new change in index coverage report, if you witness changes in errors around November 26 and your website is moved to mobile-first indexing, it might be linked to the way Google reports these errors. Your rankings won’t be affected but there will be an impact on index coverage report.

When it comes to removal of a number of old reports in Google Search Console, Google stated that it is only removing those reports which have replacements in Google Search Console’s new version. In some instances, you might have to learn how to utilize a new report or change your daily routine and learn to use the new report instead of the old one. But you are likely to get the data you need from new reports according to Google. You will only need some time to learn how to use them.


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