Google has removed its “Tips” feature that has been appearing at the top of organic search results. Even though there is no official announcement from Google in this regard, but the fact is that the ‘tips’ are no more to be found in the search pages.

Usually, Google searches for blogs, calender or photo sharing provided ‘tips’ right above the normal search results that lured browsers to try out Google blog, calender and Picasa. Coming down heavily on Google for its recent action, Blake Ross, co-founder of Firefox said, ‘Google is now displaying ‘tips’ that point searchers to Google Calendar, Blogger and Picasa for any search phrase that includes ‘calendar’ (e.g. Yahoo calendar), ‘blog’ and ‘photo sharing,’ respectively. This is clearly bad for competitors, and it’s also a bad sign for Google.”

Joining with Ross, Matt Cutts said, “There’s a binary push going on that and the tips are removed in that binary push. It will take a few days before the binary makes it out to every data center. Blake, thanks for your feedback on this issue.”


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