According to a Google-FICCI report, only 5 percent SMEs in India have a website. The report was aimed at finding out how web is making a big impact on small and medium enterprises in India. The report was compiled and presented by Nathan Associates. It showed the Small to medium enterprises, using web, perform better than the ones that do not. When compared to their offline-only competitors, web-enabled SMEs generate 51 percent higher revenue, 49 percent more profit, and 7 percent increased customer base. 

At present, only 5 percent of businesses have a web presence in India. The country has 47 million SMEs, which employ over 100 million people, and contribute 8 percent to the GDP. SMEs are critical for the economic growth of India but only 51 percent are using web to advertise and 27 have turned to eCommerce. Moreover, the report has revealed that 95 percent of the businesses are still on a stage to establish themselves.


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